Thursday, June 26, 2003

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

In a well fought game, the USA tied Cameroon 0-0. This was a good way to show the world that we still are a good team, even with our last place finish in this tournament. We did have the toughest group to compete in though. Oh well always next year, and besides it only counts when it is the CUP. In another turn of events, Brazil and Turkey tied 2-2 and thus Brazil is now out of the tournament. This was quite surprising to me. Turkey has become a very good team and could take this tournament. It will be interesting to watch the semi and final matches.

FIFA Confederations Cup Update
  • Brazil 2 - Turkey 2
  • USA 0 - Cameroon 0

Thursdays games:
  • 6:00 PM CDT - Cameroon vs Columbia
  • 8:00 PM CDT - Turkey vs France

Monday, June 23, 2003

FIFA Confederations Cup Update
  • New Zealand 0 - France 5
  • Japan 0 - Columbia 1

Tonights games:
  • 6:00 PM CDT - Brazil vs Turkey
  • 8:00 PM CDT - USA vs Cameroon

Saturday, June 21, 2003

FIFA Confederations Cup Update
  • Turkey 0 - Cameroon 1
  • USA 0 - Brazil 1

Tomorrows games:
  • 2:00 PM CDT - Japan vs Colombia
  • 5:00 PM CDT - New Zealand vs France

Well just finished listening to the US vs. Brazil game. US played well in the second half but could not pull out a goal. Brail beats US 1-0. With that our chances of advancing to the second round in the FIFA Confederations Cup go down the toilet. We can still redeem ourselves with a good showing on Monday against Cameroon. That will be difficult as Cameroon looks like the strongest team in Group B after defeating both Brazil and Turkey. I will continue my coverage through out the rest of the tournament.

FIFA Confederations Cup Update
  • New Zealand 1 - Colombia 3
  • Japan 1 - France 2

Todays games:
  • 12:00 PM CDT - Cameroon vs Turkey
  • 2:00 PM CDT - Brazil vs USA


Friday, June 20, 2003

News of the day:


FIFA Confederations Cup Update
  • USA 1 - Turkey 2
  • Brazil 0 - Cameroon 1

Tonights games:
  • 6:00 PM CDT - Colombia vs New Zealand
  • 8:00 PM CDT - France vs Japan

Thursday, June 19, 2003

In a startling, to me at least, turn of events, Cameroon has beaten Brazil 1-0. It was a beautiful strike from beyond the box that scooped right over the goalie and into the back of the net. This puts Turkey and Cameroon on top of Group B with the US and Brazil. There is still a chance for us if we can beat or tie Cameroon. YEAH!

Just finished watching the US vs. Turkey in the FIFA Confederations Cup. It was a wonderful game and the US played well. In my opinion, the US was robbed when Turkey was awarded a PK in the first half and the Turkish player had clearly played the ball with his hand. In a well-fought game, Turkey outplayed the US to win 2-1. Read more on

FIFA Confederations Cup Update
  • New Zealand 0 - Japan 3
  • Columbia 0 - France 1

Tonights games:
  • 6:00 PM CDT - USA vs. Turkey
  • 8:00 PM CDT - Brazil vs. Cameroon

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The FIFA Confederations Cup starts tomorrow. I will be watching in Spanish on my satellite. I hope everyone else will try and catch the USA play and root us on to another great showing since the 2002 World Cup.

News of the day:

It was a nice weekend. Amber and I got to spend some time with my dad for fatherís day. We went to Kort and Sandy's house on Saturday and we all visited. Then on Sunday we had lunch with my parents and grandparents. It was nice. Then Sunday night we visited with Amber's family and had dinner. My parents bought me a new tiller for Christmas. I know, Christmas in June? It was a very nice thought. I had to keep borrowing theirs so I do appreciate it.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Just saw an ad on My Yahoo! that says that Monk is back. This is a great show about an obsessive-compulsive detective. Amber and I found it very humorous in the first season. Read more about the show's second season here. I must remember to check the Season Pass on the TiVo.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Well Amber and I returned from our Cabin in the Ozarks late Monday night. We had a very enjoyable weekend. We went down late Saturday night. We went with our friends Daryl and Leah and their daughter MacKenzie. We had a lot of fun. The weekend weather was beautiful. We left wanting to stay longer. I always say, "If we leave wanting to stay then we always will want to come back."

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Tonight we picked up our new kittens. We had been looking for a new mouser. We like to keep a cat outside to control our surplus mouse population around our house. I hope that one of these two will turn out to be a good one for that job. When we got home amber took some pictures for everyone. Welcome them to the house. We are still deciding on names for the two girls.

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