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Music Listening
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Sheet Music, American

Essex - 6000-7000 loose pieces, many with illustrated covers, plus a like number in bound collections. These sheets were published, mainly in America (some English, French, and German items are included) ca. 1802-1945. Both popular and concert vocal music are included, as well as instrumental arrangements for piano, guitar, flute, violin, etc. Opera selections, items from minstrel shows, sentimental ballads and books of instruction are all represented. All the Essex sheet music is indexed on cards, alphabetically by title.

Colket - small, but of uniformly high quality, the Colket collection contains 120 pieces of sheet music, nearly all American, with illustrated covers. Presently organized in two boxes under subject arrangement, including such categories as "Patriotic," "Jim Crow," "Military," "Nautical," etc. An inventory is located in the inventory binder.

Deller - ca. 10,000 pieces of violin and vocal music, the library of a violinist and coach of small professional vocal ensembles popular in the Chicago area from 1930 to the late 1950s.

Baker - 52 pieces, including both song books and sheets, 1838-1893.

Postel - 25 items of music and a like number of books from the library of an early Illinois piano teacher.

Mohler - violin and vocal music, popular and semi-popular. Total of 608 items includes song books and hymnals.

Jester - octavo and sheet music from the library of a Chicago radio soloist and choir director of the period 1940s-1960s. 123 items.

Stimson - 267 items of piano and vocal music.

Stratten - 268 pieces of popular music including artist and professional copies, piano-conductor scores of selections from musical shows, and cinema music.

Beaman - about 300 items of sheet music, mainly twentieth century.

Grant - sheet music and song books, about 400 items dating from the period 1850-1940. The bulk of the collection falls in the period 1910-1929.

KMOX - about 156 boxes of popular sheet music, containing some 33,379 titles. Obtained for use by the studio orchestra; twentieth century. The KMOX collection is card-indexed.

E-mail comments and inquiries about the Cinema Music to Therese Dickman at or call 618-650-2695.

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