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Music Listening

Music Listening
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William George Eisenhauer

March 13, 1925 - February 14, 1994

A biography from his daughter -

My Dad was a teacher of music. His whole life was about music. He was a graduate of the Julliard School of Music and had a Master's Degree from Columbia University. Eisenhauer PortraitHe also graduated from the Navy School of Music and did arranging for the Navy Band during WWII. All of his military pictures show him in a tennis outfit as he was stationed in Panama where they had band rehearsal until noon and then played tennis in the afternoon.

My Dad taught 4th through 6th grade music in the public school system and also taught privately. We lived in New York City and he loved the beat and the pace of Broadway and the city life. My Dad wrote scores for Broadway shows and had 35 method books published. He also had a few songs recorded and published. He was always highly recommended by Julliard when parents were looking for a private teacher. My Dad had an endless supply of patience with children. All of his students called him "Mr. E." They loved to hear him tell stories and play his favorite clarinet. He was a fan of Charles Schultz' Peanuts and had the best sense of humor.

He was Arlo Gutherie's first music teacher. My Dad loved children and he loved music. He especially loved the big band sounds. Jazz was also one of his favorites. He purchased all of these records during the 1940s.

As a songwriter, he loved to get together with his friends for jam sessions. We had some wonderful times with people who became quite famous in the entertainment field during their later years.

He was a thoughtful husband, loving father and adoring grandfather and a fantastic great-grandfather. Mr. E. was one of a kind and everybody loved him. Especially me!

Lois Odom-Harlow

Original Books & Phonorecords by William Eisenhauer

Eisenhauer 78 RPM Jazz Albums

Eisenhauer 78 RPM Jazz Records

If you have questions or comments about this collection, please contact Therese Dickman, Fine Arts Librarian / Associate Professor, Lovejoy Library, at or call 618-650-2695

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