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Gordon Colket Music Collection

Assembled over a period of six or seven years by Gordon Wright Colket, a dealer in illustrative materials, this collection was purchased by the Friends of the Library in January 1971. It consists of 120 pieces of sheet music, almost all American, with illustrated covers.

A group of 120 pieces of sheet music, almost all American, with illustrated covers. The collection was acquired over a period of six or seven years by Gordon Wright Colket, a dealer in illustrative materials. The music sheets were obtained by purchase from other dealers, at auction, by estate sales, and by swapping, mainly in New York City and in New Jersey.

The Colket Collection was purchased by the Friends of the Library in January 1971. It is presently organized in two boxes, as follows:

Box 1

  1. Patriotic

    The Star Spangled Banner, trans. For piano by Charles Voss. Phila., 1861.

    Our Starry Flag, Cora F. Linn and J.C. Beckel. Phila., 1857.

    Volunteer Polka, Robert Goldbeck. NY, 1862.

    The Flag of my Country, M.J. Gilbride and Thos. Rennie. So. Bethlehem, Pa., 1917.

    Son of a Thousand Years, Henry C. Work. Chicago, 1863.

    Star Spangled Banner, Rondino, F. Beyer. NY, [1858-72].
  2. Jim Crow

    Old Uncle Ned (p. 5 only), from Jim Crow Jubilee, a collection of Negro melodies as sung by A.F. Winnemore
    and his band of Serenaders. Arr. Augustus Clapp. Boston, 1847.

    Second Set of crow Quadrilles: "Backside of Albany, ""Gumbo Chaff, ""Long Time Ago,"
    "Sambo's 'Dress to He Bred'ren," "Coal Black Rose," "Long Tail Blue." Arr. J. B. Dobney.
  3. Military

    The State Staff Polka, Thos. Baker. NY, 1856.

    Rangers' Trip to Westborough or Lion Quick Step, James Hooton. Boston, 1834

    Hero's Quick Step, Henry Schmidt. Boston, 1836. Bound with St. Ann's Hall Waltz, Leopold Herwig. NY, 1841.

    Uhlan's Quadrille, Dan Godfrey. Phila. [1872-75].

    Hancock Light Infantry Quick Step, Wm. Isenbeck. Boston, 1839.

    I Caught Her Tear at Parting, Earnest Kollman. NY [1832-47].

    The Rival Schottish, Francis H. Brown. NY, 1853.

    The Sardinian Polka, Charles D'Albert. NY [1848-58].

    Smith's March J.T. Martin. Baltimore, 1848.

    Wedding March, Mendelssohn. NY [1856-62].

    God and Our Union, Louis Dela and Leopold Meignen. Phila., 1860.

    The Prince of Wales Galop, Henry Prince. London [1858-70].

    Break the News to Mother, Charles K. Harris. Milwaukee, 1897.

    Caledonian Quadrilles, L. DeGarmo Brookes. NY, 1858.

    General McClellan's Grand March, E. Mack. Phila. 1861.

    War March, J. H. McNaughton. NY, 1861.
  4. Transportation

    He'd Have to Get Under, Get Out and Get Under; G. Clarke, E. Leslie and M. Abrahams. NY, 1913.

    New Orleans and Great Northern Railroad Polka, Theo V. LaHAcke. N. Orleans, 1854.

    The Midnight Flyer, Frederick W. Hager, Arr. E. Paul. NY, 1903.

    Peopled Line Galop, F. M. Blaufuss. Phila. 1856.
  5. Illus. Sheet only

    Frigate Constitution in battle. "An American Rondo," [1812].
  6. Dances

    The Gift Schottisch, Van der Wyde, op. 91. NY, 1854.

    Ruck-Ruck Galop, F.B. Helmsmuller. NY 1865.

    Little Blossom, Henry Mason. NY, 1854.

    The Cally Polka, arr. Allen Dodworth. NY, 1846 (front sheet only).

    Gipsey Schottisch, Francis H. Brown. NY, 1852.

    Midnight Schottish, Francis H. Brown. NY, 1852.

    Les Belles du Nord, Six Favorite Polkas, Henri Herz. NY [1844-47].
  7. Currier Lithographs

    Behold, how Brightly Breaks the Morning, Barcarolle; D. F. E. Auber. NY [1848-58].

    The Parting, J. Pocock and G. A. Hodson. NY [1836-43].

    The Charter Oak, Henry Russell. NY [1837-41].
  8. Nautical

    Nicholson's Quick Step, W.C. Glynn. Boston, 1844.

    American Line March, F.T. Baker. Phila., 1880. (front sheet only).

    The Gazell, Moore, arr. H.R. Bishop. Phila. [1819-53].

    A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea, Allan Cunningham. Baltimore [1829-67].

    The Bird at Sea, Mrs. Hemans. Baltimore, 1836.

    Three Bells Polka, T.J. Cook. NY, 1853. (cover sheet only)

    Three Bells Polka, T.J. Cook. [NY, 1853].

    The Sleigh-Ride Gallop, J.P. Haggarty. Cincinatti [1853-60].

    The Sailor Prince, Charles D'Albert. NY, n.d. [publisher trimmed off]

    Inman Line march, Alfred E. Warren. Boston, 1872.

    Blow On! Blow On! (The Pirates' Glee), Arthur Morril and B.F, Baker. Boston, 1840

    The Chesapeake Quick Step, John Holloway. NY, 1845.

    We May Not Meet Again, Don Piatt. Louisville & Cincinnatti, 1845.

    Lost on the Lady Elgin, Henry C. Work. Chicago, 1861.

Box 2

  1. Portrait Covers, mostly dances

    The Belle of the West Waltzes, John Pridham. NY [1852-56].

    Sam, J.B. Bacon. NY, 1855.

    Governor Morgan's Parade March, C. L. Underner. Albany and Troy, 1859.

    L'Enfant or the Golden Pippin' Polka, Charles D'Albert. NY, 1852.

    Coquette Polka, Charles D'Albert. NY [1859-70].

    Anita Polka, E. O. Eaton. Vicksburg, Miss., 1860.

    The Beauty Schottisch, Fedelia. NY, 1853.

    The Seraglio Schottisch, Francis H. Brown. NY, 1853.

    The Louisa Pyne Polka, S. Markstein. NY, 1858.

    Rachel Polka, George R. Cromwell. NY, 1855.

    Florence McBride; Dexter Smith and S.B. Charles. Cleveland, 1868.

    The Quiet Family Polka, Francis H. Brown. NY, 1853.

    Ah Do Not Forget Love, J. Watson. NY, 1835.
  2. Schools

    Hagerstown Female Semiary March, Frederic J. Halm. Baltimore, 1877.

    Franklin College Quick Step, Jean Jos. Giers. NY, 1851.

    College Life, Theo. Presser. Cleveland, 1874.
  3. The Midnight Fire Alarm, Will F. Thompson. East Liverpool, Ohio, 1881.
  4. Postal

    The Carrier Dove, D. Johnson. NY, 1836.

    The Carrier Dove, D. Johnson, arr. C.F. Wieland. Phila., 1839.

    Postal Card Galop, W.A. Pond, Jr. NY, 1875.
  5. Miscellaneous

    The Robin, Eliza Cook and Stephen Glover. Phila. [1849-56].

    Pet Robin Polka, J.H. McNaughton. NY, 1859.

    The Ocean Telegraph March, Francis H. Brown. NY, 1858.

    The Atlantic Telegraph Schottisch, Henry Kleber. NY, 1857. (front sheet only)

    Love is a Trifler, Leigh Cliffe and C.W. Beame. NY, 1840.

    Amazon's March, G. Operti. NY, 1871.

    Don't You Go, Tommy, C.T. Lockwood. Pontiac, Mich. 1867.

    Syren Polka, M. Strakosch. Boston, 1849.

    Coachman's Quick Step, anon. Boston, 1843.

    Patty Cake Polka, J.H. McNaughton. NY, 1860.

    Dawn of the Century, March, E.T. Paull. NY, 1900.

    Leigh Foot Ball Polka, Wm. Druckenmiller. Bethlehem, Pa., 1893.

    Skyrockets, quickstep, C.S. Grafulla. NY 1860.

    Best Friend Polka, J.H. McNaughton. NY 1860.

    Solon Shingle, by "Old Si Ellsely" and "The People Lawyer." NY, 1864.

    Indian Hunter Quick Step, Henry Russell, arr. Allens Dodsworth. NY, 186.

    Four Bells Polka, T.S. Cook. NY, 1855.

    Slaying the Deer, Samuel Lover. NY, 1847.

    Felix Quick Step, Albert Holland. Baltimore, 1856.

    Champagne Charlie, George Leybourne and Alfred Lee. Phila. [1856].

    The Dream, (sung by Jenny Lind), Karl Muller. Phila. [1845-48].

    Ferris Wheel March, Geo. Maywood. Chicago, 1893.

    John Gilpin (Cowper), W.A. Nield. Boston, 1844.

    The Spotted Fawn, W.D. Gallagher. Cincinnati, 1845.

    The Butterfly, the Moth and the Bee, John Barnett. Boston [1826-29].
  6. Politics

    Be Good To California, Mr. Wilson, Robert A. Keiser. NY, 1916.

    On With Roosevelt, Louise Graeser. Los Angeles, 1936.

    Onward, Forward, We Must Go (Johnson's Victory Song), Mary A. Varallo. Phila., 1964.
  7. Dances

    The Very Last Polka, Francois Bernard. NY [1848-58].

    Rollstone Polka, Andrew Whitney. Boston [1844-57].

    Maryland Institute Schottisch, James E. Magruder. [Baltimore], 1854.

    Gift Polka, Allen Dodworth. NY, 1852.

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