Rivers Project Music Collection


These river songs were gathered by Illinois high school students as part of the Rivers Project, founded by Dr. Robert A. Williams, Emeritus Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Song Title Composer Date Place of Pub. Publisher Notes  
Another Mississippi River Song La Fond, Gene 1983     pg. 46-47
Big Human River Miller, James I. 1983     pg. 12
By the Bend of the River Edwards, Clara 1927 New York, NY Schirmer Pub. No. 33500

By Thy Rivers Gently Flowing, Illinois

Johnson, Archibald and Charles H. Chamberlin 1966 Illinois Otto Kerner official state song of Illinois
Circlet of Brilliants: Rippling Waves.  Millward, G.   Boston, MA W.A. Evans & Bro.  
Cottage by the River Dulfuss, Gustavus 1881 St. Louis, MO J.L. Peters  
Cry Me a River Hamilton, Arthur 1953 New York, NY Saunders Pub. No. S106-2
Daisies from the Island Wagner, Pop 1981     pg.45
Dat Fas'natin' Rivah Gal! Byars, Mary Warner 1940 Boston, MA R.F.Wood Music  
De Boatman Dance Emmett, Daniel Decatur 1882 Boston, MA Oliver Ditson & Co. Copy from "A Treasury of Mississippi River Folklore"
pg. 566-567
Deep, Deep Sea Gabriel, Chas H.   St. Louis, MO Wm. Barr Dry Goods Co.  
Down by the River Rodgers, Richard 1935 New York, NY Famous Music Co.  
Down the River   Mason, A.W. 1916 Indianapolis, IN Indiana Historical Commission Copy from "A Treasury of Mississippi River Folklore"
pg. 564-565
Down the River We Swiftly Glide Kneass, Nelson 1865 St. Louis, MO J.L. Peters Pub. No. 3987
Drifting Melody Connell, Grant 1944 Philadelphia, PA Theodore Presser Co.  
East Saint Louis Handy, W.C. 1937 New York, NY Handy Brothers Music Co.  
Floating Down the River White, James 1913 Chicago, IL Will Rossiter  
Flow on Thou Shining River Stevenson, John Sir   Baltimore, MD John Cole Pub. No. 183
Fun on the Levee Washburn, R.E. 1895 St. Louis, MO Thiebes-Stierlin Music  
Gliding Down the Waters of
the Old Mississippi
Rosenkrans, Geo 1905 Chicago, IL L.S.Norris Co.  
Green River Van & Schenck 1920 Chicago, IL Schoenhofen Co. Missing pages
Hello Swanee Hello Coslow, Sam and Addy Britt 1926 New York Henry Waterson Inc.  
High Water Blues Conner, Daryl Sinclair.,
& Clarke Tate
1927 Augusta, AK Conner Publishing Co.  
Illinois Chamberlin, C.H. 1894 Illinois Clayton F. Summy Co.  
I Love the River   1983 Onalaska, WI   Sung to the tune of
"I Love the Mountains"
The Land is Your Mother:
( La Tierra es tu Madre)
Westerman, Floyd 1983   Red Crow Productions pg.44
Lazy River Carmicheal, Hoagy;
Sidney Arodin
1931 New York, NY Peer International Co.  
Lost on the Steamer "Stonewall" Brown, G.W.   St. Louis, MO Balmer & Weber Pub. No. 206
Mississippi Williams, Curley.,
& Billy Simmons
1950 Nashville, TN Acuff-Rose Publications  
Mississippi: A Tone Journey Grofe, Ferdie 1926 New York, NY Leo Feist, Inc. Pub. No. 5864-13
Miss the Mississippi and You         Lyric only
Mississippi Cradle Olman, Abe 1921 Chicago, IL Forster Music Pub.  
Mississippi Dream Boat Fain, Sammy 1943 New York, NY Leo Feist, Inc. Pub. No. 7426-3
Mississippi Flood Song Hoover, Joe 1927 New York, NY Max Kortlander Music Co.  
Mississippi Flood Song Westcott, Sarah A. 1927 New York, NY Ager, Yellen, & Bornstein Inc.  
Mississippi Lullaby Richard, Hector 1940   Buck Enlow  
Mississippi Moon Brown, G.W. 1983     pg.77
Mississippi River Starner, Fred 1980     pg.74
Mississippi River Rage Sisson, Kenn 1941 New York, NY Cason Music Co.  
Mississippi River Scenes:
Suite for the Piano
Kern, Carl 1917 Philadelphia, PA Theodor Presser Co.  
Mississippi Rose Quasha, Sol 1960 New York, NY LaSalle publishers Pub. No. 52
Mississippi Shanty Wesley, Les 1934 Chicago, IL T.S. Denison & Co.  
Mississippi Shore Sizemore, Arthur;
Egbert Van Alstyne
1919 Chicago, IL Van Alstyne and Curtis  
Mississippi Sounding Call Haufrect, Herbert 1943     Copy from " A Treasury of
Mississippi River Folklore"
pg. 572-573
Mississippi Valley Sanitary
Fair Grand March
Van Berg, T. 1864 St.Louis, MO Endres & Co. Pub. No. 372-4
Mississippi Waltz Rau, Jerry 1982     pg.38
Mississippi Waltzes Bricher, Thomas 1847 Boston, MA Oliver Ditson & Co. Pub. No. 1463
Mississippi Woodman's Wife Macaulay, Stewart 1853 Boston, MA Oliver Ditson & Co.  
Moonlight on the Colorado King, Robert A. and Billy Moll 1903 New York, NY

Shapiro, Bernstein and Co. Inc.


Moonlight on the Mississippi Le Boy, Grace 1913 New York, NY Jerome H. Remick  
Moonlight on the Mississippi Drumheller, Charles 1921 St.Louis, MO Shattingers Music Pub. No. 22-4
Moonlight on the Mississippi Becker, Lucien 1891   Kunkel Brothers Pub. No. 1373-5
Moon River Mancini, Henry 1961 New York, NY Famous Music Co. Pub. No. 4820MSMX
Muddy Water De Rose, Peter;
Harry Richman
1926 New York, NY Broadway Music  
Music on the Water:
A Moonlight Reverie
Wyman, A.P. 1882 Boston, MA Oliver Ditson & Co. Pub. No. 9791-11
My Ohio Home Donaldson, Walter and Gus Kahn. 1927 New York, NY Leo Feist  
My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night Foster, Stephen C. 1853 New York, NY Firth Pond Co. Pub. No. 1892
Negro Spirituals: Deep River Burleigh, H.T. 1917 New York, NY Fanco Colombo, Inc. Pub. No. FCS 1587
Ole Miss Blues Handy, W.C. 1923 New York, NY Robbins Music Co. Pub. No. B.F.8 -36
Ole Miss Rag Handy, W.C. 1916 Memphis, TN Pace & Handy Music Co.  
On the Mississippi Carroll & Fields 1912 New York, NY Shapiro Music Co.  
Path of Least Resistance Enblom, Mark 1983     pg.10
Proud Mary         Lyrics only
Push Boat Thomas, Jean 1939 New York, NY Henry Holt and Co. Copy from "A Treasury of
Mississippi River Folklore"
pg 567-568
Ridin' on the Steamer "J.S." Jarret, Harry E. 1925 St.Louis, MO Shattingers Music Pub. No. 63-4
Rippling Waters: Caprice Elegante Drumheller, Charles 1891 St.Louis, MO Val. A. Reis Music  
Rippling Waters: Romance Pacher, Aug. 1884 St.Louis, MO J.L. Peters Pub. No. J.L.P. 214-5
Rising River: Rise No More Martin, Ted 1937 Hollywood, CA Bob Squires Publishing  
River Staines, Bill 1981     pg.29
River Love Song Holman, Lynne 1981     pg.63
River Man Cavanaugh, Jimmy;
Nat Simon; Sammy Mysels
1936 New York, NY Southern Music Publishing  
River, River Oakland, Ben 1952 Hollywood, CA Hub Music Co.  
River Road Kummer, Clare 1937 New York, NY Jerry Vogel Music  
River Seine Lafarge, Guy 1949 U.S.A. Remick Music Pub. No. 3530-2

River Shannon: Arrangement of the beautiful song ‘Where the River     Shannon Flows.

Russell, James I        
Riverside Polka Atwood, J.B. 1858 St.Louis, MO Balmer & Weber Pub. No. 1017-3
River Song Sherman, Richard & Robert 1973 New York, NY UnArt Music Co. Pub. No. 1371-4
Roll On, Mississippi West, Eugene; James Mccafrey; Dave Ringle        
Steamboat Bill Leighton Brothers 1910 New York, NY F.A. Mills  
Steamboat Rag Burnett, Ernie 1914 St.Louis, MO Syndicate Music  
Steam Boat Squad Freeman, James 1882 New York, NY Spear & Dehnhoff  
She'll Be Clean Once More Long, Larry 1982     pg.7
St.Louis Grand March Draper, G.H. 185? St.Louis, MO Balmer & Weber Pub. No. 363-3
Trampealeau Hotel Allen, Eddie 1983     pg.66-67
Underneath the Mississippi Moon Bernard & Bickel 1910 New York, NY F.A. Mills  
Waiting for Robert E. lee Muir, Lewis F. 1912 New York, NY F.A. Mills  
Waters of Life Tilsen, Barbara 1982     pg. 34
We Parted by the River Side Paoler, Aug. 1867 St.Louis, MO J.L Peters Pub. No. 2133-4
We Sat by the River, You and I Claribel 1874 St.Louis, MO Balmer & Weber Pub. No. 3161-3
Where our Country's Longest
Rivers Flow Away
Alewel, Louis E. 1945 St.Louis, MO Louis Emil Alewel  


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