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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has contracted with Dell to lease Windows-Intel computers for office use.


  1. Click the "Place Order" button below.

  2. Choose the Dell computer that best fits your needs and add it to your cart.

    • NOTE: ONLY ONE SYSTEM can be chosen per equote UNLESS multiple systems will have one user and one location.

  3. Once you have completed your selection click "Save Equote"

  4. On the "Shipping" page:

    • The contact should be the person entering the equote.

    • Authorized Buyer must be selected from the drop down box. Brian Lotz is the authorized Buyer for the SIUE Lease Program.

    • The shipping Information will be the actual user of this system. Please use Building and Room # for the address (ex: LL0005)

    • Under Authorized Buyer is a field for additional email. You may choose to enter the email of your area's Fiscal Officer.

  5. Once you have completed the "Shipping Page" you will be taken to the Equote Confirmation. You may choose to print this for your records and then you may close this page.

  6. Now Click the "Complete Form" button below. This will take you to the "Dell Lease Fiscal Officer form which will allow you to enter the information to assure proper billing for the machine. Complete this form and send to ITS by campus mail Box 1068 or fax to the ITS office 650-3599. If this machine is to be paid for by Faculty Computer Initiative, please have your school's coordinator complete this form.

  7. Once ITS receives the completed "Dell Lease Fiscal Officer Form" your equote will be changed to an order and your new Dell Lease computer will be on its way to your desktop

To place your order with Dell, please click here:
REMINDER: ONLY ONE SYSTEM can be chosen per equote UNLESS multiple systems will have one user and one location.


Note: Once your order has been placed through Dell, please complete this Lease Authorization Form:


If you need additional information about the computer leasing program, please contact ITS, ext. 5500.


Several items to note:

  • Prices listed below are quarterly. ITS will no longer be billing monthly for newly leased machines.

  • The PC's, no matter which level (entry, mid, or performance), are available in 2 different sizes:

Small Form Factor


  • Monitors DO NOT have built in speakers. If you want sound, you need to add the Sound Bar.

Entry Level:
$55.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

$68.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

Performance Level:
$78.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

Latitue E7240 12.5" Notebook
$111.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

Latitude E6440 14" Notebook
$96.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

Latitude E6540 15.6" Notebook
$97.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

optiplex all in one desktop

Optiplex 9030 23" All-In-One Desktop
$90.00 (quarterly)
Click here for more details

Replicating Dock

$6.00 (quarterly)


20" Widescreen
$13.00 (quarterly)

22" Widescreen
$14.00 (quarterly)

24" Widescreen
$17.00 (quarterly)

Soundbar for Monitor
$2.00 (quarterly)


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