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Voice Mail System


Call Pilot Voice Mail is an electronic voice messaging system that gives you a convenient and dependable way to communicate with people both inside and outside the university. Voice messaging gives you the confidence that all your incoming and outgoing messages will be handled efficiently. Call Pilot Voice Mail System answers your calls under three different circumstances:

  1. After 4 rings.
  2. On a busy condition.
  3. When you have set your phone to forward your calls directly to voice mail.
The Message LED light will be lit on your on campus telephone to indicate that you have a voice message.

To take full advantage of the power of Call Pilot Voice Mail, review the following topics and instructions for using all of these features.

  1. Logging In
    1. From Your Standard Digital (M2008) Set OR from Off Campus
    2. From Your High End Digital (M2616) Set
  2. Setting Up Voice Mail
    1. Changing your Password
    2. Recording your Personal Verification
    3. Recording your Personal Greeting
      1. Internal Greeting
      2. External Greeting
      3. Temporary Absence Greeting
    4. Assigning a Custom Operator
  3. Playing Your Messages
  4. Responding to Messages
    1. Replying to a Message
    2. Calling the Sender
    3. Forwarding a Message
  5. Composing a Message
    1. Express Messaging
    2. Tagging Messages
  6. Personal Distribution Lists
You can get help at any time while using Voice Messaging by pressing Star Key. Help is context-sensitive: when you press the help key, you are told which commands are available for the feature you are using.
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