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Voice Mail

Tagging Messages

  1. Log into Call Pilot Mail and compose a message.
  2. After composing a message, press Seven Key Zero Key.
  3. If you call and leave a message, only urgent and private tags are available. If you are calling from your mailbox, acknowledgement is also available. If you compose and record a message, all four tagging options are available..
    • For urgent delivery, press One Key. Urgent messages are announced when the recipient logs in.
    • For private delivery, press Four Key. If a message is tagged private, the recipient of the message cannot forward it.
    • For acknowledgement, press Five Key. If you tag a message for acknowledgement, you receive a confirmation message when the recipient plays your message.
    • For timed delivery, press Six Key. You can tag a message to be sent at a specific time on a specific date. To specify timed delivery:
      1. Enter the month, day, hour and minute, following each by Pound Key. For the current month, day, or time, press Pound Key only.
      2. Press One Key for a.m., Two Key for p.m.
      3. To send the message, press Seven Key Nine Key.

To remove a tag

Before sending a message, you can remove a tag. Press Seven Key Zero Key, then retag.
  • To retag urgent to standard, press Two Key.
  • To remove private tag, press Four Key.
  • To remove acknowledge tag, press Five Key.
  • To remove timed delivery tag, press Six Key.
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