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Composing a Message

  1. Log In to Call Pilot Voice Mail.
  2. Press Seven key Five key to compose a message.
  3. Enter the first address (mailbox number, name address, distribution list number) then press Pound key. Continue to enter numbers followed by Pound key until you have finished, then press Pound key again. To use a name address instead of a mailbox number see Name Addressing.
    To cancel the last mailbox number or distribution list number you entered, press Zero Key Pound Key. Repeat this step for each number you want to cancel, erasing entries one at a time. After you have pressed the final Pound key, you cannot cancel any numbers.
  4. When you have finished addressing your message, continue on to Recording a Message below.

Recording a Message

  1. After you have addressed your message, following the steps above, press Five key to record. Wait for the tone, then record your message.
  2. End the recording by pressing Pound key.
  3. To edit or tag the message before sending it, see Checking and Editing your Messages below and/or Tagging messages. Otherwise, if you are ready to send it, go directly to Sending a Message below.

Checking and Editing a Message

Before you send a message which you have recorded, you can check it and edit it if required.
  • To play your message, press Two Key.
  • To skip back 5 seconds, press One Key.
  • To skip forward 5 seconds, press Three Key.
  • To erase the message and rerecord, press Five key while at the beginning of the message. Wait for the tone, then rerecord. Press Pound Key to end the recording.
  • To add to the end of the message, press Five Key while at the end of the message. Wait for the tone, then record. Press Pound Key to end the recording.
  • To pause, press Pound Key. To continue press Two key.
  • To rerecord part of the message, press Five Key while at the place in the message where you want to start. wait for the tone, then record. Press Pound Key to end the recording.
  • To delete the message entirely, press Seven Key Six key.
  • To play the message envelope, press Seven Key Two key.

Sending a Message

  1. After your have addressed your message and recorded it, press Seven key Nine key to send it.
You can get help at any time while using Voice Messaging by pressing Star Key. Help is context-sensitive: when you press the help key, you are told which commands are available for the feature you are using.
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