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Cuba Trip
Cuba Trip
cuba trip
Cuban Money

When traveling in Cuba you will need to exchange your US dollars to Cuban CUC currency.  At this time you will not be able to use credit cards, debit cards, or checks from any United States companies.  You will also have a hard time using traveler’s check.  Currency exchanges can be made at Cuban airports, hotels, and banks during your trip.  You should plan on bringing $75-100 per day for expenses.  You will need to plan on a 25 CUC (Cuban currency) tax to be paid on exiting Cuba.  If you feel a little unsafe about bringing that much cash to Cuba there are a few things you can do.   It is recommended that you have a money belt for your money.  Wearing “cargo shorts” with snaps or Velcro closures can also work.  Hotels provide a safe for valuables and passports.  Do not exchange all of your US dollars at the beginning of your trip.  You may not spend all your CUC currency and when you exchange them back at the end of your trip, you may be charged an additional exchange fee. 


Go to TravelAdvor for additional information on Cuban money:

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