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Research Assistantship (0854-2022)


 Recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biology or Environmental Sciences, and currently enrolled at SIUE Graduate School.

Position Description

 The National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) is seeking a Research Assistant from SIUE. The RA will assist scientific supervisors with executing funded research projects through assignments in the following categories:
-Operation of bioreactors, ranging in scale from 250mL shaker flask to 30L.
-Analytical testing on media, culture, fermentation broth, etc.
- Experiment on product harvesting and purification
--Data collection, analysis, and reporting.
-Troubleshooting and maintenance of bioreactors and fermentation related equipment.
-Communications with internal, interdisciplinary teams as well as industry clients, academic collaborators, and external stakeholders.
-Revising and developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
-Utilizing experimental and empirical methods to interpret results and recommend design, testing, and maintenance solutions.

Position Contact Information


Required Documents

 Please submit resume and cover letter to 


 **All communications sent to the prospective employer should include the posting number for the position. 

Since each individual hiring unit manages their own hiring process, please contact the hiring unit if you have questions about this posting. 
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