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Combined Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees - 1L17

Combined baccalaureate and graduate degrees (CBGD), such as early entry and accelerated programs, are organized programs of study that provide the opportunity for outstanding undergraduates to begin pursuing a graduate degree while completing the undergraduate degree.  CBGD are available in select programs and are only available to undergraduates who need no more than 32 credit hours remaining for completion of the baccalaureate degree. The graduate degree is earned only after completing all graduate requirements. No graduate degree will be conferred before completion of the baccalaureate degree.

  1. Proposals for CBGD must be submitted through the regular academic approval channels. If undergraduate degree requirements are impacted, then the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee will review in addition to the Graduate Council Programs Committee. CBGD that are part of an existing graduate program must submit a Form 91A, Request for Change in Academic Program or Conditions as a Reasonable and Moderate Extension (RME) (Form 91A or equivalent).
  2. CBGD admissions requirements are outlined in Policy 1E1.
  3. Early entry programs* allow SIUE undergraduate students to begin taking graduate-level courses during their last academic year of completion of a baccalaureate degree.  The courses count only towards the graduate degree.  The courses must be approved by the program and the Graduate School Dean using the “CBGD Plan of Study.”
  4. Accelerated programs allow undergraduate students to count select approved courses for both the undergraduate and graduate degree.  Courses will be used to fulfill both degree requirements per Policy 1F1. Ggraduate courses will count in the graduate GPA only and undergraduate courses will count in the undergraduate GPA only. The accelerated program must be based on a list of approved courses for the program of no less than 6 credit hours and no more than 12 credit hours.  No substitution or waiver of courses and of completion requirements is permissible unless approved by the Graduate School Dean. Independent readings, directed research, practicum, or other similar courses are not allowed. Students must file a “CBGD Plan of Study.”
  5. Typically, CBGD students will not enroll in 500-level courses until completing the baccalaureate degree. CBGD students enrolled in approved 400-level courses must complete the graduate level requirements of the course.
  6. CBGD students are to complete the baccalaureate degree within one academic year of beginning the CBGD. Changes must be approved through a revised "CBGD Plan of Study."
  7. All University policies – including but not limited to those related to admission, retention, eligibility for fellowships and assistantships, contact hours, course formats, transfer credit, time limit for program completion, and eligibility of faculty to teach courses – apply to CBGD.
  8. In order to begin a CBGD, a student must be admitted to the Graduate School as a conditionally admitted graduate student. The program faculty may add additional admission requirements, such as course prerequisites. The program faculty must approve the admission of all students into the CBGD.
  9. To earn a graduate degree, a student must meet Graduate School graduation requirements in Policy 1F1. Program faculty may add additional requirements as outlined in the approved program.
  10. The administration of a CBGD rests with the faculty of the program. When a CBGD is interdisciplinary, the faculty must designate a graduate program and school/college as its responsible administrative unit.
  11. CBGD are reviewed as part of the regular program review process.

* Early entry programs were formerly known as 3+2 programs.

Approved by Chancellor effective 2/11/22
This policy was issued on February 18, 2022, replacing the July 1, 2018 version.
Document Reference: 1L17
Origin: GR 17/18-06 and CC 30-17/18; GR 21/22-04

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