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User's Guide

How to Find a Policy

This document is intended to be used through the Google™ search box to the left. Although a Table of Contents is included, because many policies address more than one subject, using the Table of Contents is the less reliable means of locating a specific policy or a number of policies that address a subject.

To find a policy through the Google™ search, search under the general subjects pertaining to the materials desired. For example, if a user wanted to locate the University policy on the scheduling of final examinations, the user could search using terms like "Exams: final, scheduling of," and "Final exams: scheduling of".

Each policy in Volume I contains a document reference code, such as 1A1, which indicates where in Volume I the policy can be found. The policy's document reference code is shown in the title bar of the browser window. Elements of the codes refer, in order from left to right, to the chapter, the subdivision within that chapter, and the number of the policy within the subdivision. The example, 1A1, means the policy is located in Chapter 1, in the first subdivision (A) of Chapter 1, and is the first policy included in subdivision A.

As policies are added, the document reference codes may be extended beyond three elements, depending on the selected location for new policies. If, for instance, a new policy was to be inserted between existing policies 1A1 and 1A2, it could be coded as 1A1a, or 1A1b, or 1A1c, and so on.


Volume I is structured in seven chapters and includes the Introduction, Users Guide, Table of Contents, Keys to Abbreviations, and List of Document Reference Codes. The internal organization of the chapters and the subdivisions of chapters of Volume I generally parallels the organization of the chapters in the Policies of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University. Chapters are subdivided to group policies that address the same or like subject matters within the general subject area of the chapter. Policy 7A1 in Chapter 7 provides a standardized and centralized process under which a proposed policy may be initiated, developed, reviewed, approved, implemented and disseminated. Please use these forms, which are listed in section V. C. of 7A1, when proposing new policies or changes to existing policies: Policy Format Template, Policy Submission Template Form, Policy Implementation - Routing Checklist Form.

For each policy included in this document, the header information on the first page of the policy provides the following information:

(The title assigned to the policy.)

For each policy included in this document, the footer information on the last page of the policy provides the following information:
Approved by
(The approval level required to establish or amend the policy.)
The date of the policy as most recently issued.
This policy was issued
(The date on which the policy was issued by the Office of the Chancellor for inclusion in this document.)
(The issue date of any earlier version of the policy which is to be replaced by the current issue.)
Document Reference:
(The code showing the location, in Volume I, of the policy. The coding is explained in the preceding section, How to Find a Policy).
(The origin of the proposal or recommendation resulting in the policy. Origin references are explained in the Keys to Abbreviations.)

Also available is a listing of all document reference codes currently in use.

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