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What resources exist for international students?

Graduate international students have a variety of campus resources available to promote their success and well-being. Some of the available resources include:

  • IEP Workshops: Supports international students who do not yet meet English language proficiency requirements.
  • International Student & Scholar Services: Assists international students with obtaining a social security number, authorizes CPT and OPT employment, and helps students remain in good standing for immigration purposes.
  • Career Development Center: Offers professional resources for all students, and assists international students through the CPT application process.
  • ACCESS: Provides curricular and co-curricular accommodations for learners with major life impairments
  • Health Services: Provides health, laboratory, and pharmacy services to all students
  • Counseling Services: Aids students in the maintenance of their mental health through short-term counseling assistance and other resources
  • International Hospitality Program: Seeks to promote mutually rewarding relationships between American families and SIUE international students
  • Cougar Cupboard: Offers free food and toiletry essential items to help fight food insecurity
  • International Student Council: Serves as a resource for international students to socialize with other international students and to establish new friendships
  • TANDEM: Facilitates language learning between American and international students
  • Global Ambassador Program: Aims to facilitate a smooth transition to life in the US for international students through a buddy system
  • International Student Associations: Diverse student-led associations are active on campus.