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Who are we?

    The International Student Council is a community of international students. This organization serves as a resource for international students to socialize with other international students and to establish new friendships. Also, the ISC helps to bring awareness to campus life about the different cultures of the world.

    Our organization organizes different activities such as monthly ISC socials to promote friendships within the international community and weekly English conversation hours to provide international students an opportunity to improve their English. In addition to these, anually, we hold our biggest event - International Fest.
    Aditionally, the International Student Council also serves as a basis to unite the voice of international students concerning matters pertaining to their welfare. By participating actively within the Student Government of SIUE, we work to promote and protect the intrests of international students.


Mission Statement

The International Student Council aims :

  • To serve as the representative body pertaining to all matters impacting international students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE).
  • To provide, present and exchange cultural, educational, and recreational ideas of students of various ethnic origins in an educational, cultural and social atmosphere to SIUE and the community.
  • To provide and promote interaction and communication among all organizations affiliated with International Student Council and International Students.
  • To provide and promote involvement through committees and encourage participation by all students,
  • To provide assistance to international students with their unique problems

ISC History

2010-2011: Mary Claybaugh, USA

2009-2010:  Dennis Doddigarla, India

2008-2009:  Ksenia Petrova, Russia

2007-2008:  Ksenia Petrova, Russia

2006-2007:  Rupak Thapaliya, Nepal

2005-2006:  Pereari Aboro, Nigeria

2004-2005:  Vikas Gopal, India

2003-2004:  Pavan Goteti, India

2002-2003:  Adil Mohamed, India/GB

2001-2002:  Deepak Jmath, India

2000-2001:  Govinda Pai, India

1999-2000:  Ali Soltanshahi, Iran

1998-1999:  Kiran R. , India

1997-1998:  Mohammad Elmusa, Sudan

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