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Continuous Recruitment Graduate Assistantship (1294-2023)


Must be pursuing one of the following degrees: MS in Biological Sciences, MS in Chemistry, MS in Environmental Sciences, or PhD in Environmental Resources and Policy. Must possess a strong research background in HPLC or LC-MS techniques.

Position Description

This graduate student position is in support of analytical activities undertaken as part of a partnership with the Shimadzu SPARK Lab. Tasks include developing biochemical extraction and HPLC protocols, recording data in an organized and timely fashion, data analysis, and preparation of all standards, solutions, and other resources necessary for laboratory analysis. All applicants will also be required to uphold laboratory safety standards. 

Application Process

Required Documents

Unofficial Academic Transcript

Applicant Materials Are Received By


Positions labeled as "Continuous Recruitment" are listed for hiring units to collect a pool of applicants that may be used for a future term. Because the hiring unit may not have an open position at all times, applicants should refrain from contacting the hiring unit regarding hiring decisions. Hiring units will initiate contact with applicants being considered for future openings. 


Voluntary GA Applicant Data Form

This form is used to gather applicant data by the Office of Equal Opportunity, Access, & Title IX Coordination at SIUE. This information cannot be viewed by units hiring Graduate Assistants. Completion of this form is not required and will not impact your chances of being hired for a Graduate Assistantship. This form is NOT an application for employment. To apply for a Graduate Assistant position, follow the instructions listed in the posting. 

Notice:  Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, national origin or sex in violation of Title VII.
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