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The Catholic Newman Student Union (CNSU) exists in order to build the Catholic community on the SIUE campus.  CNSU provides opportunities for students to developed relationships with God and others, through Catholic Mass, retreats and prayer services, social justice indicatives and social activities.  All are welcome and accepted at CNSU events, regardless of religious affiliation.

We at the Catholic Newman Student Union talk about our "Family", our Community.   You might ask,"Just exactly WHO belongs to the Newman Family?

Students: Of the thousands fo Catholic students from all over the world attending SIUE, some are active members, participating in the liturgies, in a variety of weekly and monthly programs, retreats, service projects and fieldtrips and then some only come to a weekend liturgy.

Morning Community: Local residents in the Edwardsville area, as well as SIUE's faculty and staff members comprise the morning community.  These families include infants, adolescents, adults and retirees.  The presence of this community creates the "family" feelings here at the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability(the dome).  This involvement from the community provides our students with a unique opportunity to work, play and pray with a diverse community that models parish life.  Everyone is welcome at the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability!

Why have a Catholic Student Union?  Of the 15,000+ students at SIUE, an estimated 3,000+ are Catholic.  If young adults are to become full and active members of the Church must be present to them during this time of change and decision.  The Catholic Newman Student Union (CNSU) exists at the the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability as a community for caring people - united to serve, teach, challenge, accept and support each other. We do this in an open atmosphere that invites fellowship, friendship, faith and fun!

Contact Information:
Catholic Campus Minister, Julie McCourt - Phone: (618) 650-3205 - Email:            
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