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The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability
The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability
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Buckminster Fuller
World-renowned architect, cosmologist and teacher, R. Buckminster Fuller, designed the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability at SIUE in partnership with architect Shoji Sadao. Fuller, a former member of the SIU faculty, created the center's dome as a transparent replica of planet Earth. The building stands with surveyor-certified mathematical exactitude. Symmetrically astride the true planet Earth's "90th" western meridian of longitude. Standing under the dome our planet's continents can be seen outlined against a transparent blue ocean, as they would be seen by X-rays if one descended by elevator from Edwardsville, IL to the center of the Earth, always keeping Edwardsville directly overhead. The center's dome is also a true planetarium for the northern hemisphere.


To read from Fuller's writing about the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability (formerly know as the Religious Center) click on the following pdf file: Geoview by R. Buckminster Fuller.pdf

The center receives no funding from the University and is funded with the help of your donations. With your help, we can continue to offer our programs to the SIUE community of students, teachers and staff. If you would like to make a donation to help continue the efforts of the center, simply mail it to:

Center for Spirituality & Sustainability
SIUE Campus Box 1059
Edwardsville IL 62026-1059

To receive a receipt by return mail, please include your return address.


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