Faculty: Meet Dr. Andrew Wesemann

February 18, 2022

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Early on in his academic career, Dr. Andrew Wesemann realized that he was interested in public administration. At the time, he was in his second year of undergrad at Indiana University. “I had taken a few introductory public management courses through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, which really sparked my interest in the discipline and eventually led me to the decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in public affairs,” Dr. Wesemann said. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he was given the opportunity to work in the private sector, which reaffirmed his passion to work in public service and guided him to pursue an MPA degree and later a PhD, both at the University of Missouri- Columbia. 

Since Dr. Wesemann started teaching at SIU in 2019, he’s taught 8 different MPA courses. With regard to his research, he said his “research interests lie in strategic human capital management, organizational psychology, and public and nonprofit administration. Since starting at SIUE, I have published 4 peer review articles in scholarly journals that focus on public administration, management, and policy.” His work has been featured in journals including Public Personnel Management, Journal of Public Administration & Policy Research, and Journal of Public Management & Social Policy.

Dr. Wesemann’s favorite thing about working at SIUE is having the opportunity to teach. He mentioned that he has a deep passion for teaching and that it’s grown stronger since starting his position at SIUE. “I love having the opportunity to motivate, inspire, and mold students into effective public and nonprofit sector practitioners,” said Dr. Wesemann, “Being a part of preparing the next generation of leaders is undoubtedly one of the more rewarding features of my position.”

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