Introducing the ITS IDLT Center

September 03, 2014

By Matthew Schmitz

Beginning this semester, the format for the MidWeek Mentor series will alter slightly; instead of only offering videos followed by a facilitated conversation, the new format will include blogs, often written as accompaniments to the topics discussed in the MWM videos. The videos and blogs will be alternated each week, with a new installment being offered every Wednesday.

Another new change is that the members of the ITS Instructional Design & Learning Technologies Center will be partnering with the Faculty Development Coordinator to facilitate the video sessions and provide blog entries throughout the semester.

I thought that it would be advantageous to use this opportunity of writing the first blog post to introduce the IDLT Center and it’s members and provide a little background on us using the "Five Ws and one H" approach.

What do we do?

The IDLT Center assists with the development and support of SIUE’s traditional, blended, and online teaching and learning opportunities, which includes efforts aimed at both faculty and students. Course design, faculty development events, Blackboard support, student training, or selecting learning technology for a specific course are some of the activities in which we engage. Teaching and learning are at the root of what we do and are important to all members of the IDLT Center.

Who are we?

The IDLT Center has representation from every level of the University: faculty, staff, and student. This allows us multiple perspectives for the many activities and initiatives we are involved in and also causes an interesting dynamic once in a while. The team is composed of 1 Faculty Fellow, 5 Instructional Designers, and 1 Graduate Assistant. We’re all interchangeable parts of the team that provides guidance and support during the course design, development, and delivery phases.

Additional information about the individual members of the IDLT Center is available at:

Why do we do this?

We try to help establish a middle ground between faculty and students, between established and new methods of teaching and learning. We try to get each side to be aware of and work with the other. We do this to try to enrich faculty teaching effectiveness so that it improves student learning and retention.

How do we do this?

The IDLT Center offers in-person, phone, email, and online support and activities, both synchronously and asynchronously. We have individual and small group consultations, training and informational sessions and workshops, and course design seminars. We also offer our support and expertise by serving on a wide range (and large number) of panels, committees, advisory councils, learning communities, and focus groups dealing with teaching, learning, and technology, both at SIUE and in the surrounding area.

When do we do this?

Our goal to be there whenever someone needs us. We're proactive as well as reactive. Of course we have mechanisms (online form, central email account, etc.) for people to contact us, but we also reach out to individuals, departments, and schools/colleges to provide information and support.

Where do we do this?

We can provide support over the phone, meet with a person or small group for a consultation, coordinate or facilitate a faculty development event, go to a classroom to give a demonstration or provide assistance with a learning activity, or be in any number of other physical and online places.

We try to take the adage “meet people where they are” one step further and try to also “meet people where they need to be.” If we’re trying to help a faculty member adopt a new approach or activity and they’re feeling apprehensive, we often go to their F2F or online class to help. People always appreciate a little extra effort and a lot of time it helps them to be more confident if they know that help is close at hand.


I’ve told you who we are, what we do, and why we do it. But the purpose of the IDLT Center can really be summed up by one of it’s main functions: to ensure that the faculty and students of today have the knowledge and resources to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Over the next several months we’ll be contributing to in-person and online MidWeek Mentor events.

Additional information about the IDLT Center, our services, and our activities is available at:

If you have any questions or need any assistance, just let us know.

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