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Motor Vehicles

Use of University, Rental, or Leased Vehicles - 6D3

The use of University, rental, or leased vehicles, either locally or for out-of-state travel, poses many issues which drivers should be aware of prior to travel. These issues involve not only employees traveling alone, but with students, spouse, or other family members. For this reason, drivers should contact Transportation Service or Accounts Payable for assistance with travel regulations and travel plans involving referenced vehicles. For the safety of travelers, the use of 15 passenger vans has been prohibited for University business.

  1. Use of University, Rental, or Leased Vehicles - Local

    All requests for a rental vehicle shall be directed to Transportation Services. If a University vehicle cannot be utilized for the trip, then Transportation Service will take steps to reserve a rental vehicle with the vendor under contract with the University. This contract is tailored to University travel considerations and addresses issues involving who can drive, insurance coverage, exclusions (matters which void coverage), and personal liability issues.

    The costs for a rental vehicle are direct billed to the department.

  2. Use of University, Rental, or Leased Vehicles - Out-of-State

    When an employee has occasion to rent a vehicle while traveling out-of-state, they may take advantage of the State of IL contract for rental vehicles, or obtain the next best rate possible through another source. Under normal travel conditions, employees on "travel status" should not take collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage or liability coverage (if it is not included in the daily rental price of the car). State of Illinois Travel Regulations will not reimburse employees for this expense, since the State of IL provides that coverage under its blanket Motor Vehicle Auto Liability Plan.

  3. Signing Rental Car Contracts

    As described above, whether renting or leasing a vehicle locally or while out-of-state, an employee should sign the rental/lease contract as follows:

    SIUE by John Doe
    (employee's name)
  4. Vehicle Inspection

    Drivers are required to inspect the exterior and interior of the vehicle and note any damages or missing equipment to the Rental Car Company. It is important that this inspection and report be done prior to taking the vehicle on the trip so that the employee/University will not be held accountable for damages that were caused by a previous driver. Likewise, upon returning the vehicle, the same inspection and reporting process should take place.

  5. Reporting Damage to Vehicle and Traffic Accidents

    In the event that a rental vehicle sustains physical damage, or the employee is involved in a traffic accident, both the rental car company and the University Transportation Services Office (618-650-3100) must be notified within 24-48 hours. The appropriate police department should be summoned to the scene of the accident to conduct an investigation and report. All relevant information should be noted by the employee, such as: location of the incident, license plate numbers, name, address and telephone number of the other motorist, names, addresses and telephone numbers of passengers and witnesses, insurance company name and policy number of the other motorist, extent of damages to property and personal injuries.

    Failure to report an accident promptly may result in loss of coverage and personal liability for the employee.

Approved by Vice Chancellor for Administration effective 2/7/06
This policy was issued on February 8, 2006, replacing the December 5, 2003 version.
Document Reference: 6D3
Origin: VPA 3/19/86; VCA 4/98; VCA 7/17/98; VCA 1/7/99; VCA 8/28/01; VCA 12/2/03; VCA 2/7/06

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