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SIUE Open Flame Policy - 6A5

Fire is prohibited on university land or in university facilities except in such places that have been established for these purposes. There will be no open flames on campus including sky lanterns with open flames, torches and the burning of rubbish, except as provided herein. This Policy does not apply to open flames utilized in approved curricular activities or courses. 

For residential locations, please consult University Housing policies for additional department specific rules and regulations.


  • May not be used inside any enclosed structure or building, including tents.
  • May not be used on balconies of any such structure.
  • May not be used where smoke from the grill would enter a building.
  • May not be used under a roof other than a non-combustible roof erected for that express purpose.
  • Must be at least 10 feet from any structure (other than roofs described above).
  • Must be for cooking food.
  • Must be in good condition.
  • Must have coal and ash disposed of in an appropriate location, only when residue is cold when using charcoal fuel.
  • May not be used in the woods.
  • Only LP gas cylinders may be used on the Quad, and only in accordance with all National Fire Protection Association requirements.
  • May be used in areas approved by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.
  • The directives of SIUE officials must be followed.


Prior to commencement of a bonfire, the appropriate local Fire Department (Edwardsville, Alton or East St. Louis) shall be notified by the sponsoring university department. The appropriate Fire Department must be onsite for all bonfires. The Fire Department will be responsible for starting and extinguishing the fire. The Edwardsville, Alton or East St. Louis Fire Chief is authorized to require the bonfire be immediately discontinued if it constitutes a hazardous condition.

  • Fires shall not be located within 50 feet of a structure.
  • Accelerants such as gasoline, diesel fuel, or kerosene shall not be used to kindle a fire.
  • Charcoal lighter fluid may be used on wood before the fire is lit. It may not be sprayed on flames.
  • Running, dancing and horseplay shall not be allowed within 10 feet of an open fire.
  • Fires shall not be left unattended. A responsible SIUE employee must be designated and is responsible for watching over the fire until it is completely extinguished and cold. This person shall remain in contact with the on-site fire department personnel.
  • Participants shall obey the lawful orders of the Fire Department.
  • Locations must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Administration. 

Controlled Burns

Controlled Burns are initiated and managed by Facilities Management.  The local Fire Department should be notified, but fire officials are not required to be on site.

The SIUE Open Flame Policy is based, in part, on a similar policy at Indiana University, and their contribution to this effort is appreciated.

Approved by Chancellor effective 2/16/18

This policy was issued on March 23, 2018.
Document Reference: 6A5
Origin: OC 2/16/18

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