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Smoke-Free Campus Policy - 6A2

  1. Purpose

    This Policy is enacted, effective July 1, 2015, in compliance with the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, 110 ILCS 64/1 et seq., and SIU Board of Trustee Policy 7M.
  2. Scope

    This policy applies to all SIUE campus property, and to all persons present on or in real or personal property owned or controlled by the University. Real property owned or controlled by the University includes all buildings, classrooms, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, artistic venues, entertainment venues, parking areas, sidewalks, housing areas, outbuildings, common areas, farmland, natural areas, lakes, ponds, waterways and all other real estate under the control of the University, including without limitation all such real property owned by or leased, rented, or licensed to the University. Personal property owned or controlled by the University includes without limitation all vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and aircraft owned by or leased, rented, or licensed to the University.
  3. Definitions

    Campus: all property, including buildings, grounds, parking lots, and vehicles that are owned or operated by Southern Illinois University, and as further set forth on the Smoke-Free Campus Map. Campus does not include enclosed laboratories, not open to the public, where the activity of smoking is exclusively conducted for the purpose of medical or scientific, health-related research.

    Smoke or Smoking: the carrying, smoking, burning, inhaling, or exhaling of any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, hookah, weed, herbs, or other lighted smoking equipment. “Smoke” or “smoking” also includes products containing or delivering nicotine intended or expected for human consumption, (including but not limited to, electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff) or any part of such a product, that is not a tobacco product as defined by Section 321(rr) of Title 21 of the United States Code, unless it has been approved or otherwise certified for legal sale by the United States Food and Drug Administration for tobacco use cessation or other medical purposes and is being marketed and sold solely for that approved purpose. “Smoke” or “smoking” does not include smoking that is associated with a native recognized religious ceremony, ritual, or activity by American Indians that is in accordance with the federal American Indian Religious Freedom Act.
  4. Policy Statement

    As of July 1, 2015, smoking is prohibited on all Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus property as defined above. This prohibition does not apply to any instance in which an individual is traveling through or parked on a campus in a vehicle that is not owned, leased or operated by a State-supported institution of higher education.
  5. Retaliation Prohibited

    An individual or campus subject to the smoking prohibitions of this Policy may not discriminate or retaliate in any manner against a person for making a complaint of a violation of this Policy or furnishing information concerning a violation to a person, campus, or governing authority.
  6. Enforcement

    Compliance with this Policy is the responsibility of the entire campus community. Violations of the Policy should be reported to a supervisor or to the Office of Human Resources (for employees), to the Dean of Students (for students), to housing staff (for housing areas) or to the appropriate unit for contractors or visitors to the campus. Individuals may also contact the University Police to make a report. Violations of this Policy may also be reported through the Smoke-Free Campus Reporting Form at

    Individuals found to be in violation of this Policy will be subject to existing campus disciplinary processes:

    1. Students in violation of this Policy are subject to discipline under the Student Conduct Code and/or University Housing policies (if applicable). Students in violation of this Policy may receive disciplinary action, or other appropriate sanctions.
    2. Employees in violation of this policy are subject to discipline, to be administered in accordance with University policies and any applicable collective bargaining agreements. Employees in violation of this Policy may receive disciplinary action, or other appropriate sanctions.
    3. Contractors and subcontractors in violation of this Policy will be referred to the campus unit responsible for monitoring performance of the applicable contract, to take appropriate action.
    4. Visitors and members of the public who are in violation of this Policy are subject to being barred from University property.
  7. Contact

    Questions regarding the implementation or enforcement of this Policy should be referred to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Rendleman Hall 2228, (618) 650-2536.

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/15/15
This policy was issued on June 15, 2015.
This policy was edited on July 1, 2015, replacing the June 15, 2015 version.
Document Reference: 6A2 
Origin: OP 1/14/82; OP 5/31/91; OP 4/21/95; OC 2/19/14; OC 6/15/15

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