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Review and Approval of Externally Funded Projects - 5B2

In soliciting external support, prior consideration should be given to maintenance of instructional objectives, and opportunities should be sought that will provide for professional growth. To assure that sponsored support is compatible with University objectives and to avoid unnecessary duplication of programs, the Office of Research and Projects (ORP) coordinates all grant and contract proposal applications with external agencies.

If an application is submitted to an external agency without following University policy and guidelines, the University is under no obligation to accept the award, and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken by the institution. A summary of University policy and guidelines regarding review and approval of externally sponsored projects follows. See Policy 1M13 Determining Funding Classification for guidance regarding the differences between gifts, sponsored projects, and sponsorships.

  1. Submission of Proposals for External Support

    Required document and final budget, including sub-awards and sub-award budgets, are routed through ORP's electronic research administration (ERA) system for approvals at least ten business days before the submittal deadline.  Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances by the Associate Provost for Research or designee.

    The Chancellor of the University is the responsible individual for submission and approval of applications to all external agencies. Approval within the ERA system must be obtained from the following units before the Chancellor or the Associate Provost for Research, acting for the Chancellor, will approve the application:

    1. Direct Supervisor of the principal investigator (PI) and each co-PI
    2. Supervisor of direct supervisor of the principal investigator (PI) and each co-PI
    3. ORP
    4. Other reviews as deemed necessary by ORP.
  2. University Approval and Acceptance of External Support

    Only the Chancellor has the final authority to sign grant and contract documents once a grant has been made or a contract negotiated. ORP is the designated agency in the University to negotiate grants and contracts with external agencies. After the grant or contract has been negotiated, but before the Chancellor officially accepts the award, the award documentation must be routed through ORP's ERA system for approval of account creation by the following:

    1. PI
    2. Fiscal officer if different from the PI
    3. Fiscal officer delegate(s) if relevant
    4. Direct supervisor
    5. Supervisor of direct supervisor
    6. ORP
    7. Other clearances as deemed necessary by ORP or the University.

    After the award has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate offices, the Associate Provost for Research, acting for the Chancellor, will review, approve, and accept the award on behalf of the institution.

    ORP will be the responsible agent in the University for the transmittal and notification of awards, and will also be the Office of Record for all external grants and contracts.

Approved by Chancellor effective 3/1/21
This policy was issued on March 10, 2021, replacing the March 6, 2017 version.
Document Reference: 5B2
Origin: EB 9-1; OP 11/5/90; OP 8/2/95; GR 11/29/12; GR 16/17-10; GR 19/20-17

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