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General Policies and Procedures for Student Housing at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - 3B1

    1. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville may develop on-campus housing as approved by the Board of Trustees and, if applicable, by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

    2. The housing office is authorized to prepare, or cause to be prepared, lease agreements for use in the rental of all units now existing or to be in the future. All such leases shall first be approved by legal counsel and they shall be filed with the Office of the Board of Trustees. And as an extension of the University policy of non-discrimination, the housing office will assign rentals in all University-owned and operated housing on the basis of predetermined criteria without reference to or discrimination because of race, color, religion, or national origin.

    3. Subject to the covenants of bonding agreements, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville accords all students the privilege to select their places of residence while in attendance at the University. However, the housing office has established a range of services, available to students on a voluntary basis, to include off-campus housing listings, informational material, advisory services, and model rental agreements to assist students, faculty, and staff in locating suitable off-campus facilities. The University does require that landlords, desiring to use the housing office listing services, comply with certain minimum standards. The University reserves the right to deny the privilege of listing accommodations with the housing office if landlords do not comply with the following:

      1. Minimum standards.

        1. The University respects the rights of landlords to select their tenants from among those students and faculty who apply. However, no listings may be accepted which are restricted because of race, religion, or national origin.

        2. Buildings should be under the supervision of a mature, responsible person interested in maintaining the value of the property and in providing decent, comfortable accommodations for living and studying. Property owners renting to students should be ready to assist in emergencies and to act in a general supervisory capacity.

        3. Buildings shall be of sound construction, in a good state of repair, and kept clean at all times.

        4. In all cases, physical facilities must comply with applicable city and state ordinances and statutes which establish minimum standards for equipment, lighting, ventilation, heating, sanitation, space, fire protection, and safety. Special attention should be given to:

          1. Heating units - should be inspected annually.

          2. Gas heaters - there must be no unvented gas heaters in sleeping rooms.

          3. Refuse and inflammable materials should not be stored in apartments. Waste receptacles should be provided.

          4. Two means of egress from the property must be provided.

          5. Electrical wiring and lighting must be safe and adequate. Each room should have an adequate number of electrical outlets.

        5. Adequate bathroom facilities must be provided.

          1. One tub or shower.

          2. One toilet.

          3. One lavatory.

          4. Hot and cold water provided 24 hours per day.

      2. Landlord-householder responsibilities. The University views the landlord-student relationship as one which entails joint responsibilities. The landlord-householder is expected:

        1. To comply with the "Standards for Listing."

        2. To make sure that all rental arrangements are understood and observed.

        3. To notify the housing office when listed vacancies have been filled.

        4. To work with the housing office in resolving student-landlord problems when the parties concerned cannot resolve them.

      3. Student responsibilities. It is expected that each student will:

        1. Abide by the terms of the rental agreement.

        2. Adhere to acceptable standards of personal conduct.

        3. Obey the laws of the state and community.

        4. Comply with all reasonable policies established by the landlord.

  1. In the interest of fairness to all off-campus housing developers and landlords, the University will remain impartial with respect to off-campus housing facilities. The University will do none of the following:

    1. Guarantee a specific number of occupants for any development.

    2. Underwrite, pledge, encumber, subsidize, or in any way guarantee a specific monetary sum to developers or to any financing agency.

    3. Obligate the State of Illinois to the expenditure of time, money, or labor in promoting, managing, or supporting any off-campus student housing developments.

    4. Allow any off-campus student housing development to use the name of the Southern Illinois University, or any reasonable facsimile or appropriation of an integral part thereof in any part of its title.

  2. The University administration is authorized to plan housing for organized groups as a part of the overall housing program of the University.

Approved by President effective 4/17/84
This policy was issued on October 14, 2002, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 3B1
Origin: VIII Code A; OC 4/17/84

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