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Policy on Instructional and Research Animal Welfare - 1M10

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville acknowledges and accepts its responsibilities for protecting the welfare of live vertebrate animals used in instruction and scholarly activities. SIUE will comply with all applicable provisions of the Animal Welfare Act and other federal statutes and regulations relating to research animals. The institution is guided by the "U.S. Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research, and Training." SIUE has established and will maintain a program for activities involving animals in accordance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

The Chancellor, as Chief Executive Officer, has delegated to the Institutional Official who is the Associate Provost for Research, the authority to appoint the members of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  In accordance with the Health Research Extension Act of 1985, this delegation of authority is specific and is in writing.

SIUE acknowledges and accepts responsibility for the care and use of animals involved in activities covered by its Animal Welfare Assurance (Assurance).  As partial fulfillment of this responsibility, SIUE will make a reasonable effort to ensure that all individuals involved in the care and use of vertebrate research animals understand their individual and collective responsibilities for compliance with the Assurance as well as all other applicable laws and regulations pertaining to animal care and use.  SIUE shall provide required education and training through means approved by the Graduate School.

It is the policy of SIUE that all individuals who will have significant contact with live vertebrate animals used for scholarly or instructional activities are required to have a current medical history, physical examination, and appropriate vaccinations/testing prior to any exposure to the animals.

It is the policy of SIUE that faculty, staff, and student investigator(s) of any study, project, or instructional activity involving live vertebrate animals, regardless of the type of activity or interaction, are required to submit a protocol for IACUC review. However, when proposing to capture or collect either invertebrate or vertebrate animals, any required field permit(s) must be filed with the IACUC prior to initiating the capture or collection.  The IACUC has the responsibility and authority to review, approve, disapprove or require changes in activities involving live vertebrate animals.  The use of live vertebrate animals is not permitted until the IACUC has completed its review and given its approval to proceed.  Any data collected prior to IACUC approval shall not be utilized for the project under consideration.  Engaging in activity involving live animals or analysis of data gathered from live animals without the required prior approval or permits may result in disciplinary action per Policy 1Q5.

When research covered by SIUE's Assurance is conducted at or in cooperation with another entity, all provisions of SIUE's Assurance will remain in effect for that research. SIUE may, for the purpose of meeting the IACUC review requirements, enter into a joint review arrangement, rely upon the review of another qualified IACUC, or make similar arrangement for avoiding duplication of effort. Such acceptance must be in writing, approved and signed by SIUE's Graduate School, and approved and signed by correlative officials of each of the other cooperating institutions.

Procedures for this policy will be managed by the Graduate School in compliance with all state and federal rules and regulations. These procedures may be revised by the Graduate School and IACUC as necessary.

Approved by Chancellor effective 4/25/22
This policy was issued on April 28, 2022, replacing the July 18, 2016.
Document Reference: 1M10
Origin: OC 7/15/16; GR 21/22-10

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