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Graduate Degree Retention Policy - 1L2

Whenever a graduate student's cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0 (4.0 scale), the status of the student will be reviewed by the Dean of the Graduate School or designee and the student's graduate adviser and/or graduate program director. If the student is permitted to continue, the conditions for continuance will be put in writing by the student's adviser or graduate program director and, upon concurrence of the Dean of the Graduate School or designee, communicated to the student. If, after 15 semester hours of work in a degree program, a student has earned less than a 3.0 program grade point average in the current degree, the student may be dropped and ordinarily is not again admissible to that degree program. Individual programs may have higher retention standards.

GPA eligibility to maintain a graduate assistantship is covered in Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships and Regulatory Policies - 4A3.

When a student is dismissed from a program for any reason, the Graduate School reviews the decision and determines if the student will be allowed to be placed in unclassified status. If not, the Graduate School will recommend dismissal from the University.

Approved by Chancellor effective 7/23/21
This policy was issued on July 26, 2021, replacing the March 6, 2018 version.
Document Reference: 1L2
Origin: GR 8-70/71; OP 10/7/91; OP 12/11/91; OP 2/21/92; GR 15/16-06; GR 17/18-07; GR 20/21-13

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