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Course Repeat Policy - 1J2

Students may repeat a course under the following conditions and restrictions:

  1. Computation of Cumulative Grade Point Average:

    1. If a student repeats a course previously taken at SIUE, (i.e., taking the course a second, third, etc., time), only the grade the student receives from the final attempt will be used in computing the student's cumulative grade point average. The grade received for each attempt will appear on the student's transcript.

      (EXAMPLE: If a student has taken the same course four times, the student's cumulative grade point average will be calculated using the grade received for the fourth attempt in the course.)

  2. As used in this policy, a course "attempt" occurs each time the student enrolls in and receives a grade other than "W" or "WP".

  3. A student may "attempt" a course a total of four times (i.e., a student may repeat a course up to three times).

  4. Credits earned for a course will be applied only once toward degree or graduation requirements, regardless of the number of times a course is attempted.

  5. Unless an exception has been granted by the Chair of the department from which that course originates, a course may not be taken for credit by a student when that course is a prerequisite for a course the student has already successfully completed.

  6. Individual academic units and programs may set more stringent conditions and restrictions on the repeating of courses, so long as the conditions and restrictions are clearly communicated to students in advance.

The University is not obligated to offer a course simply to provide students an opportunity to repeat previously attempted courses.

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/2/14
This policy was issued on July 14, 2014, replacing the January 9, 2008 version.
Document Reference: 1J2
Origin: CC 14-71/72; CC 2-81/82; CC 24-91/92; OP 8/22/94; CC 8-05/06; CC 41-13/14

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