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Transfer Equivalency for General Education Requirements - 1H3

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will review credits in transfer that are completed through regionally accredited institutions. No credit will be accepted for remedial or developmental courses. Within this policy, a transfer degree refers to an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or the equivalent. In addition, the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum will be referred to as the IAI GECC.

Students Transferring to SIUE with a Transfer Degree or who have completed the IAI GECC

A transfer student who has completed the IAI GECC or has earned a transfer degree from an Illinois public community college will be considered as having fulfilled all course requirements for the General Education program at SIUE except the Interdisciplinary Studies course requirement. Similar consideration may be granted to a student with a transfer degree from a community college outside of Illinois, or from a four-year or private institution regardless of location, provided that the program in which the degree was earned is substantially consistent with the requirements of the IAI GECC. SIUE's General Education requirements will be considered as having been fulfilled regardless of the number of hours actually completed in each of the General Education categories with the following exceptions:

  1. The Interdisciplinary Studies course requirement must be met at SIUE or at the upper division level at an accredited four-year institution.
  2. All students with a transfer degree who have not already had equivalent course work must satisfy the two-course Written Expression Foundations requirement with a grade of "C" or higher.
  3. A student with a transfer degree will not be considered to have met SIUE General Education requirements if the student's academic records indicate that work from an unaccredited institution was applied toward the degree. Appropriately qualified personnel will perform a course-by-course evaluation of the student's academic work to determine completion of SIUE's General Education requirements. Credit will not be accepted for any work done at unaccredited institutions.

Students Transferring to SIUE without a Degree

A student transferring with a minimum of 30 semester hours from an IAI GECC participating institution may, upon request, elect to complete remaining IAI GECC requirements at SIUE in lieu of completing SIUE's General Education program.

A transfer student without a degree from an institution that does not participate in the IAI GECC must satisfy the requirements for the number of credit hours in each category of SIUE's General Education program. Credits accepted for transfer will be applied to General Education (GE) requirements only if the courses satisfy the objectives of SIUE's General Education program. Transcript evaluations will be conducted in accord with general guidelines provided by faculty from the appropriate GE area. The provisions in this paragraph also apply to SIUE students who wish to transfer credits to SIUE for courses taken at another institution.

Approved by Chancellor effective 4/21/16
This policy was issued on May 19, 2016, replacing the July 30, 2012 version.
Document Reference: 1H3
Origin: CC 4-85/86; CC 5-85/86; OP 12/20/85; OP 2/12/92; OP 5/20/92; CC 3-98/99; CC 14-11/12; CC#38-15/16

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