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Faculty Employment Review for Program Termination - 1B3

According to SIUE tenure policy, as approved by the Chancellor, when university programs are terminated, a broadly based committee shall be constituted to make recommendations "relative to terminations of faculty and/or alternatives thereto." Tenure policy requirement in this regard shall be carried out in accordance with the following:

  1. When the appropriate university reviews have been completed, and the Chancellor accepts a recommendation that a program be terminated and recommends such to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate will appoint a committee.

  2. The committee will consist of at least three persons drawn from a list of previous Faculty Senate presidents and Graduate Council Chairpersons. At least three schools shall be represented.

  3. The purpose of the committee will be to insure that every effort is made by the appropriate administrative officers to identify alternative employment opportunities at the university for the faculty whose tenure resides in the affected program or department. Having assisted in the identification of existing alternatives, if any, the committee will make recommendations to the Provost on the disposition of the issue.

  4. A necessary condition in order that a faculty member whose program has been terminated be hired by a department or other academic unit is that the faculty and executive officer agree to the arrangement. In a nonĀ­academic unit the executive officer of the unit must agree to the arrangement. Also, the establishment or reestablishment of positions shall continue to be governed by the needs of the University. The committee shall have the authority to recommend financial arrangements to make it more feasible for departments or units to hire such faculty members. However, authority to allocate University resources shall remain unchanged.

  5. This policy does not alter or abrogate any other tenure rights enjoyed by SIUE faculty.

Approved by Chancellor effective 7/18/85
This policy was issued on February 1, 1996, replacing the December 10, 1990 version.
Document Reference: 1B3
Origin: PC 1-84/85; OP 11/5/90

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