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"To read Latin and Greek authors in their original, is a sublime luxury. I thank on my knees him who directed my early education for having put into my possession this rich source of delight; and I would not exchange it for anything which I could then have acquired, and have not since acquired."

- Thomas Jefferson

"An appreciation of the classics and liberal education in any setting frees the mind, allowing it to pursue a wide range of theoretical and empirical work. As a bit of a rara avis, I am both a graduate student in European history at the University of Chicago and, in my spare time, purchase, remodel and rent single family and multifamily properties. The rhetoric and writing style of the classics has allowed me, without a doubt, to frame my arguments in a consistent and thoughtful matter; this is one of the few skills equally valuable in intellectual debates in the classroom and in meetings with bankers applying for loans to purchase properties. Notwithstanding these practical tools, classical studies are the foundation of the humanities, a sine qua non to disciplines such as history. We should treasure, above all, the capacity of the classics to reveal the wisdom of past generations and inspire us intellectually."

- Christopher Stroot
(Former Student)

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