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Inclement Weather Info

To the SIUE Community,

We are resending the annual inclement weather e-mail that Dr. Taylor sent in November 2020 as a reminder. However, this message includes additional guidance regarding course instruction. Remember, if you haven’t signed up for e-lerts, you can do that at

With the winter season upon us, it is possible and even likely that extreme weather conditions may occur. While our general policy will be to keep the University open, the need may arise to cancel classes for the safety of our faculty, staff and students during extreme circumstances.

When hazardous conditions are judged to exist, all or parts of the campuses of the University may be closed for specified periods of time. The decision to cancel classes is made by the Vice Chancellor for Administration in consultation with the Illinois State Police, the National Weather Service, the SIUE Police Department, Facilities Management, the Provost and the Chancellor.

During extreme weather the following radio stations have agreed to cover changing conditions and cancelations as they occur: KMOX (AM 1120), WSIE (FM 88.7), WBGZ (AM 1570), WSMI (AM 1540 and WGEL (FM 101.7). Additionally, three television stations have agreed to provide information relevant to University operations and programs: KTVI-Channel 2, KMOV-Channel 4 and KSDK-Channel 5. 

Notices will also be posted at the University website Emails will be sent to faculty, staff and student listservs. Voicemail will be sent to faculty and staff office phones, and e-lert text messages will be sent to faculty, staff and students who have registered to receive them. To sign up for e-lert text messages, visit

Cancelation of classes at the Charter High School at the East St. Louis Center Campus may be made separately, based on the conditions in East St. Louis, the decisions of District 189, and the recommendation of the CHS Principal.  

Given the unusual context of this semester, we wanted to offer some guidance regarding instruction.  This guidance considers existing policy and current circumstances.  On inclement weather days, SIUE courses scheduled as part of a fully online asynchronous program may continue fully online and proceed as scheduled without interruption. Faculty should be flexible, to the extent possible, if there are critical deadlines for these days. For students in other asynchronous and synchronous online courses (not part of a fully online program), faculty should follow policy 1C1. While learning may continue and the faculty member may hold contact hours, they may choose another option as outlined in that policy If there are synchronous requirements or deadlines, those meeting opportunities should be optional or flexibly offered. Many of our students struggle with internet connectivity, and the inclement weather might increase the difficulties of accessing reliable internet. Accordingly, in these courses, deadlines should be moved to a non-inclement weather day. 

Courses scheduled as hybrid (with both online and on-ground components) should proceed as follows: If the inclement weather closure corresponds to a scheduled online meeting, that meeting may go forward as planned, but the faculty member should adhere to the guidelines provided for synchronous courses above. The faculty member may choose to provide an alternative activity or make other accommodations per University policy 1C1. If the inclement weather closure corresponds to a scheduled on-ground meeting, the faculty member will substitute an assigned alternative activity in lieu of the on-ground meeting. The alternate activity could be a make-up exercise at an on-ground meeting at a later date.

Faculty members should notify students of their plans and expectations as soon as possible. Additionally, per 1C1, faculty should document how they are making adjustments.  As you will note, there are a variety of ways in which faculty may approach inclement weather days.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your Dean or the Office of the Provost for support.

Because it is important to keep police telephone lines open during hazardous weather, please do not call the University Police Department to inquire about University closures.

Since safe transportation to and from the campus depends upon many factors, such as distance, specific road conditions in home areas, etc., individuals are urged to exercise discretion and sound judgment concerning travel.

For more detailed information on weather policy, please visit Whatever the conditions, please drive safely and stay safe.

Morris Taylor
Vice Chancellor Administration

Denise Cobb
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academics