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Inclement Weather

With the winter season approaching, it is possible and even likely that inclement weather conditions may occur. During an inclement weather event, the need may arise to modify the University operational status for the safety of our faculty, staff, and students.

When hazardous conditions are judged to exist, all or parts of the SIUE campus, the School of Dental Medicine in Alton, the Wyvetter H. Younge Higher Education Campus in East St. Louis, or the Belleville Justice Center may be delayed or closed for specified periods of time.

The decision to delay operations or close all or parts of the campus/locations is made by the Vice Chancellor for Administration in consultation with the Illinois State Police, the National Weather Service, the SIUE Police Department, Facilities Management, the Provost, and the Chancellor.  For more detailed information on the SIUE Operating Policy in the Event of Inclement Weather and Other Special Conditions please see

Notice of changes in campus/location operational status will be posted at the University website, email will be sent to all individuals with SIUE email addresses, and e-Lert text messages will be sent to everyone who has registered to receive them. (To sign up for e-Lert text messages, please go to  

Additionally, the following regional radio stations have agreed to communicate changes in campus operational status as they occur: KMOX (AM 1120), WSIE (FM 88.7), WBGZ (AM 1570), WSMI (AM 1540), and WGEL (FM 101.7). Three television stations have agreed to provide information relevant to University operations and programs: KTVI-Channel 2, KMOV-Channel 4, and KSDK-Channel 5. 

Because it is important to keep SIUE Police Dispatch telephone lines open during inclement weather, please do not call the SIUE Police Department to inquire about the University operational status.

Since safe transportation to and from the campus depends on many factors, such as distance, specific road conditions in local areas, etc., individuals are urged to exercise discretion and sound judgment concerning travel to and from campus.  Whatever the conditions, please drive safely!

Employees who are deemed “essential” for the direct support of campus services (e.g., dining services, grounds, police, etc.) must report to their work location during inclement weather as directed, and may be eligible for compensatory time or premium pay pursuant to applicable contract/CBA.

Finally, please remember that the University’s accrediting body, as well as University Policy (1C1), expects that if scheduled class meetings are missed for any reason that students shall be assigned an alternative activity in lieu of seat time.  The relevant section from University Policy 1C1 is referenced here ( and is summarized as: “MISSED CLASS MEETINGS -- If a scheduled class meeting is missed for any reason (e.g., legal holiday, instructor illness, or inclement weather closure), students will be assigned alternative activities designed to meet the mandated time required and enhance the learning process. Example activities include, but are not limited to, recorded lecture, discussion, virtual meeting, guest speaker, proctored exam/quiz, individual or team activity, and additional class meeting (traditional/online, synchronous/asynchronous), as determined to be appropriate by the department or program. Each department or program is responsible for documenting the alternative activities in lieu of missed seat time, such that documentation is accessible for auditors and evaluators.”  As you plan these alternative activities, please be mindful that students’ internet access could be limited due to weather conditions.

Bill Retzlaff, PhD
Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration