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Reserving Space

Space in the University Center is available for scheduling events and meetings by SIUE registered student organizations, divisions or departments, and off-campus customers. Details related to events should be accurately recorded and communicated through the appropriate means with Event Services in a timely manner. Every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of the customer and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. All confirmed and agreed-upon arrangements are listed in the reservation contract. Details that are not contained within the contract are not confirmed. Items that are requested on the day of the event by a representative of the event are subject to late fees and additional charges.

  1. Meetings and events sponsored by SIUE registered student organizations, divisions or departments must comply with the following guidelines to secure the best pricing.
    1. The event or meeting must be planned and managed by the registered student organization, division, or department and must be an organizational or departmental initiative.
    2. Student organizations, divisions or departments may not serve as sponsors to non-university or personal interest groups to enable discounted space in the University Center. Any misrepresentation of the event organizer to be afforded rate inconsistent with the majority of the event users, shall be revised up to the appropriate rate without regard to the signed contract. Example: Department may not use a student organization to get the student rate for a department reservation.
    3. A majority (more than 50 percent) of those attending events or meetings sponsored by registered student organizations, divisions or departments must be SIUE students, faculty or staff to qualify for the best rate. If the majority of attendees are non-university affiliated, a lower discount will be applied for space and equipment.
    4. Costs associated with the event or meeting must be paid by the sponsoring group using a budget purpose number for SIUE student organizations and departments, and cash, check, or credit card for off campus customers.
    5. All reservation details including set-up and audio-visual requests must be communicated in advance to Event Services by the sponsoring group’s representative.
    6. Due to limited resources, late requests, or changes within two business days of an event may not always be accommodated. When they can be accommodated, late requests will incur additional fees per the current rate schedule.
    7. Reservations for regularly scheduled credit or non-credit courses offered on a semester basis will not be allowed.
    8. Reservations for class projects will be billed at the student organizational rate for the room rental and equipment per the current rate schedule. The individual will be responsible for payment.
    9. Event Services reserves the right to change location and/or cancel an event or meeting when appropriate. Every effort will be made to notify the customer in advance and to accommodate the customer in an alternate location.
    10. Due to the consideration for other events, customers requesting space for dance practices, rehearsals or other loud volume events will be limited to specific rooms.
  2. To assure equal access to facilities for all SIUE sponsoring groups, each group is limited to a maximum of three consecutive days of bookings in any given week unless otherwise approved by Event Services.
  3. The University Center will not accept reservations from any student organization with an outstanding balance or not in “good standing” with the Kimmel Student Involvement Center, the University Center, or the University. The University Center will reserve the right to cancel existing future reservations for any group with an outstanding balance if that balance is not paid within 30 days.