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Exterior Banners

Three banner locations are available outside the MUC. The banners are outside the east entrance, west entrance, and north entrance of the MUC. These locations are available for major all-University on-campus events only.


All banners must not exceed the appropriate sizes listed below and must have reinforced grommets for installation on every corner and a minimum of ten-foot intervals along the edges. Banners must be made of canvas or lightweight vinyl.


  • North Entrance: Must not exceed 16 feet in width and 10 feet in height. The total banner and rope must total 30 ft.'
    • East & West Entrances: Must not exceed 7 feet in width and 4 feet in height. The total banner and hanging rope must total 15ft with the banner centered.
    • Banners will be displayed for a total of seven days for each specific event.


The department/organization requesting the exterior banner location must communicate the request with Event Services at least five business days prior to the start date. Once approved, the requesting department/organization will be responsible to coordinate with Facilities Management (618-650-3711) for payment, hanging, and removing of the banner.


The MUC/SSC Director has the right to deny any request for the exterior banner location based on the content of the banner, the reason for hanging, or the timing of the request.


Please note: Weather and wind can be unpredictable. Event Services and/or the Morris University Center accepts no responsibility for damage to a banner hung outside of the building.  Should a banner become torn or hazardous, the banner shall be removed at the client’s expense. While exterior banners are available, they are not recommended.