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Events with Solicitation

For any event where funds or goods will be collected, a solicitation form must be completed and returned to the Event Services Office and approved by the Manager of Event Services before the event space will be confirmed. Forms can be picked up in the Event Services office.

Information needed to complete a solicitation form:

  • Organization name
  • Activity (donations, ticket sales, etc.)
  • Purpose of collection
  • Location, dates, and hours requested
  • Chair of event signature (this is the applicant)
  • Fiscal officer signature (this is their advisor)
  • Person who can verify funds or goods (can be applicant, treasurer etc.)
  • Billing Purpose # (this is their organization’s 8-account account number)
  • Signature

No event space will be approved until the Solicitation form is properly completed by the sponsoring organization and then approved the Manager of Event Services