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Electronic/Digital Signs

  1. Center Court Televisions

Center court televisions are coordinated through MUC Marketing for the promotion of MUC and Dining operations. The content of those slides must be designed by MUC Marketing to ensure conformity to University standards.

  1. SSC Charging Stations

Two digital charging stations are located on the first floor of the SSC and are available for use by SSC departments. SSC departments must coordinate with MUC Marketing on both video and still content creation to ensure the content meets SIUE standards.

  1. Resolution Standards: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  2. Video with audio: Need to be formatted in .MP4 with either 15 or 30-second lengths. Videos will require closed captioning when possible.

iii. Images without audio: Need to be in .JPG format.

  1. Visix Screens

Visix Screens are located throughout the MUC and SSC and are managed through SIUE Marketing and Communications. Departments external to the MUC and SSC should follow the policy located on the Marketing and Communications website ( The following applies for student organizations and departments within the MUC and SSC for the screens located within the MUC and SSC.

  1. Student organizations can submit their digital sign request through Get Involved at The Kimmel Student Involvement Center will review and post the sign to the screens in the MUC and SSC.
  2. Departments located within the MUC and SSC can submit their request to the Office for MUC Administration to post to the screens in the MUC and SSC.

iii. All requests for screens located outside of the MUC and SSC must be submitted