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Chalking on Campus

The University will not restrict content except as otherwise set for in this policy and except in cases where the University has determined with advice of the Office of the General Counsel such expression is defamatory, obscene, or is otherwise not protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While the University will only in very rare cases as set forth in this policy exercise prior restraint, students or student groups can be disciplined for violations of University policy which result from a publication, state, or action.

All Chalking requests will be reviewed by the Kimmel Student Involvement Center for appropriateness and conformity to all applicable University guidelines and Board of Trustee policies.

Chalking requests must be made in writing by recognized and petitioning SIUE student organizations and must include the specific content to be chalked, when the chalking will take place, what the promotion is for, the student organization’s name, where on the campus the chalking will be done and the individual’s name who is requesting to chalk.

Chalk utilized must be sidewalk chalk and be biodegradable. No spray paint chalk is allowed. In the event of rain, or defacement by weather-related conditions, chalking may be freshened up without prior notice to the Kimmel Student Involvement Center. A maximum of two weeks will be allowed for approval of a specific incident of chalking.

Student Organizations are prohibited from chalking on University property such as, but not limited to, sides of buildings, outside walls or inside walls, concrete-seating areas, tree pods, etc. Chalking should be limited to walkways, brick concrete, and blacktop areas. Chalking should be no bigger than a15-foott by15-foott area.

The Kimmel Student Involvement Center is not responsible for removal of the chalk from any area. Materials to chalk are the sole responsibility of the requesting student organization. Chalking is at the group’s own risk.

Chalking around Residence Halls is prohibited during housing move-in days.

Chalk is available upon request from Student Government and while supplies last.

Any chalking policy violations will result in a loss of chalking privileges for one calendar year, no exceptions