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Building Hours

Regular Building Hours

Building hours are displayed at each entrance and posted online. Event reservations may be scheduled until one hour before the close of the building. Events ending within one hour of the building close may be subject to late stay fees or require extended building hours.

Example: If the MUC closes at 10pm and your event ends at 9pm, no additional charges will be incurred. If your event ends at 9:30pm you will be charged the current rate for extra building hours in one hour increments.

Holiday, Break, and Special Hours

The University Center will be closed when official University closing dates are in effect. Hours for the University Center may be adjusted for special holidays, summer, or break periods.

Extended Building Hours

An initial request to extend the building hours may be made in conjunction with an event request through Event Services and be approved by the University Center Director. Approval is also subject to the availability of University Center staff. Requests will be considered with a minimum of ten days’ notice prior to the event. Fees will be assessed in one hour increments and will extend one hour past your event end time to allow time for staff to teardown and clean the event space.

Example: If the MUC closes at 10pm and you wish to have your event end at 10:30pm you will be charged for 2 additional building hours at the current scheduled rate.