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Audio Visual Equipment and Technical Services

Equipment needs must be communicated to the Event Services staff at the time the request for space is made. The customer is responsible for reviewing the confirmation to ensure all necessary audio-visual equipment has been included. Approval of the confirmation and equipment needs must be received by Event Services no less than three business days prior to the event.

All audio-visual equipment is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of the nature of the event. Customers must be aware that the availability of equipment within the University Center is limited. Requests received less than two business days prior to the event may not be honored or may be subject to additional late fees per the current rate schedule.

Customers requiring more elaborate lighting and/or presentation package must communicate with Event Services staff no less than two weeks prior to the event about their specific needs. Due to equipment and limited staff, there is no guarantee that any changes requested less than two weeks prior to the event will be accommodated.

Customers using the meeting rooms are allowed to bring in their own equipment if desired. However, if Event Services staff is requested by the customer (i.e. operating equipment or being present during the presentation for support, etc.) for equipment not provided by the University Center, the customer will be billed for staff support per the current rate schedule.

Audio-visual equipment is not to leave the University Center or the Stratton Quadrangle area.

Rental charges for audio-visual equipment are based on the current rate schedule and the equipment requested. Charges will be assessed for the following conditions:

  1. Requests for equipment that occur within two business days of the event will be charged a late request fee per the current rate schedule.
  2. Event Services staff is required to be present in the Ballroom when audiovisual equipment is requested. Staffing costs and other charges will be applied to the reservation per the current rate schedule. Technical Services staff will be available one hour prior to the event start time unless an earlier time is agreed upon with Technical Services prior to the day of the event.

Audio equipment being used in the Goshen Lounge must not exceed a sound level of 85 decibels. University Center staff will address the issue with the event coordinator if the level is higher than 85 decibels. The event will be ended if the customer fails to adhere to the policy as requested by the University Center staff.

Ballroom Projection Booth: Only authorized MUC Event Services staff is allowed in the projection booth. Exceptions may be approved by the University Center Director or designee for special events/occasions.