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A-Frames are available for use by registered student organizations and SIUE departments to promote upcoming events or meetings. Non-SIUE affiliated organizations or businesses are prohibited from using the A-Frames. Any sign violating this policy will be removed by the MUC administration.

A-Frames are located inside the MUC  and SSC at all entrances. All reservations for A-Frames in the above locations should be made by contacting MUC Marketing. Tenants of the MUC and SSC may place up to two A-Frames directly outside of their office space for their use.

A-Frame signs must be 22 inches wide by 28 inches high and present a professional appearance. Signs must be printed on one sheet and cannot be hand-made. Peeling, disfigured, or damaged signs may be removed and disposed of at any time by employees of the MUC without notifying the posting entity. Signs will not be stored or replaced.

A-Frame signs may not be requested by student organizations to promote events that are held off campus unless the event is deemed to be a campus-wide initiative by the MUC administration.

All sign requests will be reviewed by MUC Marketing staff for appropriateness and conformity to all applicable University guidelines and Board of Trustee policies. It is recommended to utilize MUC Marketing’s services to ensure conformity to University standards.

A-Frame locations are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Approval is based on availability at the time of booking. No more than one sign per location with a maximum of two signs can be placed by a group to promote the same event.

An A-Frame request must be submitted by an SIUE registered student organization or SIUE department to MUC Marketing 24 hours prior to the start of the posting. Upon approval, the requesting student organization or department will be assigned a posting location and removal date.

Frames can be reserved for no longer than a duration of two weeks unless special permission is granted by MUC Marketing.