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Frank Cherry Collection: M - R Titles

(Stock orchestral arrangements)

Title Accession Number
Magic Is The Moonlight 1303
Make Believe Island 1177
Mama Inez 1301
Mama, That Moon Is Here Again 910
Man And His Dream, A 1108
Man On The Flying Trapeze, The 331
Man With Mandolin, The 1114
Many Happy Returns Of The Day 12
Mardi Gras 83
Masquerade 100
Masquerade Is Over, The 1060
May I 386
May I Have The Next Romance With You 830
Maybe 1193
Maybe We'd Still Be Sweethearts 690
Me 22
Me And The Moon 747
Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me, The 852
Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland 574
Melancholy Mood 1029
Melody From The Sky, A 700
Merry Go-Round Broke Down, The 861
Merry Widow Waltz 489
Midnight Blue 773
Million Dreams Ago, A 1187
Miss Brown To You 603
Moment In The Dark, A 96
Mood Indigo 107
Mood Indigo 1304
Moon Country 454
Moon Glow 419
Moon In My Eyes, The 973
Moon Is A Silver Dollar, The 1077
Moon Of Manakoora, The 943
Moon Of Many Memories 179
Moon Over Miami 648
Moon Song 209
Moonlight And Shadows 809
Moonlight Serenade 1105
Moonlight Waltz, The 372
Moonshine Over Kentucky 970
Moonstruck 258
More I See You, The 1343
Mr. Ghost Goes To Town 808
Music Goes 'Round And Around, The 666
Music Maestro, Please 978
Music Stopped, The 1306
Music, Music Everywhere 152
Muskrat Ramble 1079
Must Be The End 138
My Baby Said "Yes" 1370
My Cabin Of Dreams 884
My Dancing Lady 343
My Darling 201
My Extraordinary Gal 87
My First Love To Last 259
My Fraternity Pin 199
My Hats On The Side Of My Head 405
My Heart Belongs To Daddy 1044
My Heart Is Taking Lessons 955
My Heart Sings 1358
My Heart Tells Me 1333
My Heart's At Ease 132
My Kingdom For A Kiss 753
My Last Affair 823
My Last Goodbye 1092
My Little Grass Shack 356-A
My Mom 93
My Own 996
My Prayer 1123
My River Home 178
My Silent Love 124
My Sister And I 1244
Nasty Man 377
Naturally 989
Nearness Of You, The 1192
Neighbors 359-A
New Moon And An Old Serenade, A 1085
Niagara Moon 285
Night And Day 214
Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful, The 787
Night Is Young, The 538
Night Must Fall 1415
Night On the Water 366
Night Owl 314
Night We Met, The 288
Night Wind 541
Nighty-Night 1263
Ninon 598
No Love, No Nothin 1403
No More Love 338
No' No' A Thousand No' 495
No Wonder 1016
Not For All The Rice In China 369
Not Mine 1311
Now I Lay Me Down To Dream 1211
Now It Can Be Told 994
Now That You're Gone 23
Now You've Got Me Doing It 909
Now You've Got Me Worry'in For You 129
Number Ten Lullaby Lane 1247
Object Of My Affection, The 479
Oh What A Thrill 85
O-Hi-O 1191
Old Folks 1033
Old Kishwaukee River 591
Old Kitchen Kettle, The 294
Old Lullaby, An 360
Old Spinning Wheel, The 327
On A Little Bamboo Bridge 828
On A Little Dream Ranch 866
On A Sunday Afternoon 640
On the Beach At Bali-Bali 729
On The Good Ship Lollipop 518
On The Isle Of May 1164
On The Sentimental Side 936
On The Sunny Side Of The Rockies 953
On Treasure Island 621
Once In A While 902
Once Upon A Midnight 555
One Hour With You 86
One Little Kiss 500
One Minute To One 324
One More Kiss, Then Goodnight 55
One Never Knows, Does One 798
One Night In Monte Carlo 650
One O'clock Jump 1149
One Two, Button Your Shoe 781
One Umbrella For Two 648
Only Forever 1200
Orchids For Remembrance 1195
Organ Grinder's Swing 764
Our Big Love Scene 340
Our Love Affair 1209
Our Penthouse On Third Avenue 875
Out In The Cold 357-B
Outside Of You 601
Over Somebody Elses Shoulder 364
P.S. I Love You 477
Pal-sie, Wal-sie 509
Paradise Lane 310
Pardon My Southern Accent 427
Pennies From Heaven 771
Piccolino 1316
Pinch Me 1146
Pink Elephants 143
Play To Me Gypsy 368
Play, Fiddle Play 170
Playboy Of Paree 657
Playmates 1159
Please 162
Please Be Kind 956
Please Believe Me 678
Please Put On Your Wraps And Toddle Home 655
Polka Dots And Moonbeams 1178
Pop Goes Your Heart 486
Postman Passes My Door, The 651
Powder Your Face With Sunshine 1355
Practice Makes Perfect 1208
Prairie Lullaby 375
Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes 1355
Puddin Head Jones 318
Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes 533
Ragtime Cowboy Joe 1112
Rain 460
Rainbow On The River 776
Red Sails In The Sunset 625
Red Skies In The Night 1064
Remember Me 222
Rendezvous With A Dream, A 737
Rhumboogie 1329
Rhythm And Romance 620
Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes 670
Rhythm Is Our Business 602
Riddle Me This 237
Ridin In The Rain 446
River Stay Away From My Door 48
Robins And Roses 704
Rock-A-Bye Moon 175
Roll On Mississippi Roll On 14
Room With A View, A 1043
Rosalie 903
Rose In Her Hair, The 593
Roses In December 891
Running Through My Mind 1117

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