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Book Endowments

Endowment funds at Lovejoy Library provide a unique way to create a legacy. An endowment expresses clearly one's regard for education, culture, or the power of ideas and shared human discourse. Endowments also reflect their donors through the designation of a fund's use for specific subject areas. In a community of learning such as Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, library endowment funds free many minds and afford donors a vital and never-ending role in the dynamic exchange of ideas that shape our world.

A library endowment can be established for as little as $25,000 or one may contribute to the principal of an existing endowment that supports a subject area of your interest, for example, Illinois History, Rare Books, Chemistry, Business, etc. Interest on the endowment provides funds annually to purchase books and materials. The endowment may be named by the donor and will create wonderful and tangible legacies. Lovejoy Library currently has thirty six endowments worth over $1 Million. Listed below are the endowments and the subject areas they support. For information on how to establish or contribute to an existing endowment please e-mail

Jennie L. Kaeser Library Endowment

General Programs and Materials

Szczepan and Josefa Iwanska Bytner Endowment

Slavic American Studies

Slavic American Studies Endowment

Slavic American Studies

Frank and Louise F. Strejcek Endowment

Slavic American Studies

Frances Bryan Noon Abbott Endowment

General Programs and Materials

Paul V. Chamless Memorial Endowment

Rare Americana

MMC Endowment

Media Materials

Fresen Illinois History Endowment

Illinois History Materials

Joseph B. Koepfli Endowment

Conservation and Preservation

Irene McCleery Molloy Endowment

Children's Materials

Dick H. Mudge, Jr. Endowment

Lecture on Human Rights

Betty and Raymond Spahn Endowment

Illinois History Materials

John C. Abbott Library Endowment

Illinois History Materials

Dilliard-Schusky Family Endowment

General Programs and Materials

Patricia Herscher Memorial Endowment

Chemistry Materials

E. Farrington and Mary Dana Abbott Endowment

Special Collections

Louisa H. Bowen Endowment

Regional History Collection

Richard Crowley and Frances Lillian Noon Endowment

General Programs and Materials

Sheila S. Stimson Endowment

Publications and Programs

Mary and Donald Thompson Endowment

Business and Economics Materials

Ina Peabody Sledge Endowment

Student Award

LIS Faculty Endowment

Faculty and Professional Development

Robert B. Campbell Endowment

General Programs and Materials

Ronald E. Livingston Yarbrough Endowment

Earth Sciences Materials

Thomas S. and Donna Yates Bardon Endowment

Archives and Special Collections

Ralph and Helen Luken Endowment

Finance and Accounting Materials

George and Barbara Stevens Endowment

General Programs and Materials

David and Kay Werner Endowment

General Programs and Materials

Rose Marie Powers Somraty Yarbrough Endowment

Archives and Special Collections

William M. and Hilda C. Gent Endowment

Scholarship and General Programs and Materials

Harry W. and Marie C. Kerber Endowment

Archives and Special Collections

Constance Ann Denue Memorial Endowment

History, Geography & Anthropology Materials

Gene Bernard High School Writers' Contest Endowment

High School Writers' Contest

Florence Kasiske Lovejoy Library Endowment


Dr. John I. and Constance W. Ades Endowment

Student Award

Stephen L. and Julia Y. Hansen Collections Endowment

History and English

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