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What documents are required to change my name with SURS and CMS/MyBenefits Marketplace?

SURS requires a copy of your new Social Security card and valid driver’s license to change an employee’s name. This documentation must be sent to SURS before they will make the modification in their system. Name changes for CMS our handled in human resources.  A copy of your new social security card should be submitted to the benefits staff, who will process the name change in CMS. This will update your name through MyBenefits Marketplace and your health, dental, vision, and life insurance vendors.Who do I need to contact to change my name for supplemental/optional payroll deductions such as ING ReliaStar Supplemental Life Insurance, Colonial Cancer Insurance or SIUE Supplemental Retirement (403b) Plan vendors; TIAA-Cref, AXA Equitable, Massachusetts Mutual, or a past vendor?You will need to contact these vendors directly and advise them of your name change. Contact information is located at the links below. Unfortunately, because these vendors have their own forms and processes, we cannot make the change.

Will new insurance cards be mailed to me after I submit documentation to human resources to change my name?New cards are not automatically mailed from the health insurance providers. If you would like new cards, please allow about two weeks for communication and update from the Office of Human Resources through the state plan and the vendors before you request new cards. Vendor contact information to request new insurance cards is provided on the following pages:

Should I continue to use my previous insurance cards until I get new cards reflecting my name change?Yes, continue to use the insurance cards you have until your new requested insurance cards arrive.How can I change my campus address and confidential record indicator?Changes to your campus address and confidential record indicator must be submitted on the Data Collection/Change for Employees and Graduate Assistants form.