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What can I expect from a Civil Service position audit?

The position audit will involve an on-site interview with the supervisor(s) and the incumbent to discuss the changes in the duties and responsibilities for the position. It is an informal meeting at which time all parties are encouraged to ask questions and receive answers to those questions. The information gathered at the interview is utilized, along with the PDQ and the Class Specifications provided by the State Universities Civil Service System, in order to determine the appropriate classification of the audited position. If the position should be reclassified (moved within a promotional line) or reallocated (moved to another promotional line), the audit finding will be forwarded in a memo directed to the supervisor, with all applicable parties copied on the memo. In addition, the incumbent must pass the required Civil Service exam or credential assessment for the recommended title. If there is to be a change in the compensation due to the reclassification/reallocation, that information will be included in the memo along with instructions on how to proceed to complete the process. The effective date for the reclassification is the latter of the date the audit was requested (full documentation including an updated and signed PDQ is received in Human Resources) or the date the exam was passed. If the position classification remains unchanged as a result of the audit, a detailed task analysis will be provided in memo form to the supervisor and all applicable parties.