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Is there a waiver for my children and what is the age and credit hour limit?

The university provides 50% tuition waivers for children of employees who have been employed an aggregate of at least 7 years of verified work experience in positions 50% or greater with the following Illinois state universities: Eastern Illinois, Western Illinois, Northern Illinois, Northeastern Illinois, Illinois State, Chicago State, Governors State, Southern Illinois – Carbondale and Edwardsville, and University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign, Chicago and Springfield.Employees with at least 7 years of service in a 50% or greater position receive a 50% waiver for their dependent children age 25 and under and may be used at any State of Illinois university.

The dependent must be under age 25 at the beginning of the academic year for which the waiver is requested.  If the dependent reaches age 25 after the beginning of the fall semester, he/she receives the waiver through the summer semester.

The dependent is limited to 130 attempted hours.  The waiver has a cumulative limit of 130 attempted hours (8 semesters).