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If I sign up for direct deposit, how long will I have to wait for direct deposit to begin?

The first payroll processed after you submit a request for a new direct deposit is a test with the bank (a pre-note transaction) and a check is still issued to the employee. Please note that payrolls are typically processed a week in advance of payday due to University and banking requirements.

As long as there are no problems with the pre-note, your following paycheck will be direct deposited and only a pay statement is prepared. Payroll will contact you if/when we are notified by the bank of any problems with your direct deposit request.

To see the pre-note process, view your pay statement through Banner Self-Service (CougarNet); login through the Banner Self-Service (CougarNet) page using one of the links provided, "Enter CougarNet with your e-ID" or "Enter CougarNet with your University ID". Select "Pay Information" from the Employment tab. You will see the Proposed Pay Distribution under "Direct Deposit Allocation." If you do not see your change submitted for the following payroll, contact Payroll at 650-2190.