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If I currently direct deposit and I want to add another bank, what do I do? What if it's the same bank but another account?

You may make changes to your direct deposit accounts at the same bank through CougarNet or you may complete a paper form and forward it to Payroll.

If you are adding a new bank, you will need to complete a new SIUE Direct Deposit Authorization form and attach a VOID check or deposit slip for the new account you are adding. You will not need to attach a VOID check from your existing direct deposit bank account as long as that is not changing. 

See the form instructions for additional information. Please note that payrolls are typically processed a week in advance of payday due to University and banking requirements. The change will take effect depending on when it is received by Payroll and the payroll processing schedule.

Please be advised that the Banner system will pre-note the newly added bank account for the first payroll after the change is received and during the pre-note test, the funds will be direct deposited in the existing account.  This means that for that payroll, you will receive a check for the new bank account amount added and a direct deposit for the remaining amount.