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How long does an annuitant remain affected by this Return to Work Act?

SURS has stated we must rely directly on the letter that SURS sends to each retiree. As part of the hiring process, rehired retirees must bring in their SURS letter as part of employment support, which provides the personal limits and the highest annual earnings. Once HR has the figure for the highest annual earnings, SIUE will enter the 40% annual earnings limit from SURS for past retirees into the Banner HR system for monitoring.

Campus employees who handle contracts for their departments have view access to the Banner form; PEAREVW and are able to view the retiree’s SURS earnings limitation. The help text in Banner for this form provides details on the codes used in PEAREVW. Departments can also call the Benefits department in the Office of Human Resources at ext. 2190 for help with PEAREVW or to determine an individual’s SURS earnings limitation.