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How do I apply for FMLA?

If you expect to be absent from work for more than three consectutive days or your department is aware you have been absent from work for more than three days due to an FMLA covered event, please contact the Office of Human Resources. The employee may need to complete the FMLA packet, which includes the application and the medical certification. The application is a one-page form that is completed by you and signed by your supervisor. The medical certification should be completed by either your physician or your family member's physician (if you are caring for a family member). The medical certification can be faxed to us by the physician's office. The medical certification is not shared with your department and your information is kept confidential by Benefits staff.

Once HR has reviewed the medical certification, an approval letter will be mailed to you, and a copy will be sent to your supervisor.  The letter will indicate whether or not you are eligible for medical leave.  The letter will also state the next date an updated medical certification will be required (if applicable). 

As a reminder, to remain in pay status, employees must have available accumulated sick or vacation leave.

Please note that if there is a possibility that you will be off work for more than 60 calendar days, you have the option to request an Application for Disability through the State Universities Retirement System.  This is available if you have at least two years of SURS credit or if your disabliity is a result of an accident. This same application will be used if you have the Prudential long-term disability plan, which can go into effect if you are absent from work for more than 90 calendar days.